How to do a vintage poodle. The easy way.

How to do a vintage poodle. The easy way.

A vintage poodle. Definitely not talking about an old, ancient fluffy dog. If you are unfamiliar with this term and do not wish to find out how to tame your mane, I suggest you click here.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning my quick and easy way to put your hair up into a vintage poodle hairstyle!

Back in late 2013, I started to become interested in vintage hairstyles and pin up “up dos” purely because they were different. I have never been a fan of the more commercial high street ways to do your hair, as they are unsuitable for my face shape. Typically, I would wear my hair pulled back into a high ponytail for the gym. During the day, I loved to wear my hair in a big bouncy blow dry hairstyle.

Accessories have always interested me but sometimes I felt that they were too much. I was also unsure how to properly wear them. After realising that my head is rounder than some, I knew that I favoured a higher “do.”

Poodle who?

I would like to say that there is a magic way that I learnt or a poodle who took me under their wing but alas, there is not. I self taught myself purely through trial and error. Lucille Ball was my inspiration. Armed with a load of bobby pins, hair spray and YouTube, I embarked on this journey.

Depending on “how authentic” you prefer to live the vintage life will also depend on how much you like the below tutorial. I shared this on my Instagram a few months ago and it has had a lot of attention. I must put a disclaimer out there and say that whilst this is not “the proper way” to successfully conduct vintage, it is an easy way.

This method has become the way that I prefer to structure a vintage poodle. Often, this is also my perfect go-to hairstyle when it needs a wash too.



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There is method in the madness.

Step 1.
Scrape all of your hair up into a ponytail. Smooth all edges; I use Cantu cream (not an ad – I bought it!) and secure it with a bobble. I like a vintage poodle that sits quite far forward on my head. If you do too then make sure that your ponytail is right at the top of your head, almost nearer your forehead than your crown.

Step 2.
Use a hair donut. Loop your ponytail through your donut and pin the donut down securely with a few bobby pins. This will create your base for the shape of the poodle. If you have finer hair, use a smaller donut. If your hair is thick and long then use a medium to large donut.

Stay with me…

Step 3.
Curl your hair that is sprouting from your ponytail. This will make it easier to pin into place. You can curl lots of sections for tighter pinned curls or only curl a few sections if you want more of a pinned wave.

Step 4.
Pin into place. It is really that easy and simple. Take the curled sections and begin to pin around, to the sides and on top of the donut. If you are using a mirror, you will quickly begin to see the vintage poodle begin to take shape. I like lots of curls cascading onto my forehead and pinned but this is just personal preference. Have a play around with it and you will begin to find a placement that you like. Don’t forget to spritz with hairspray as you go along.


When I wore a vintage poodle.

There are literally so many days when I have worn this style. I may not have photos of them all, but this is one of my all time ways to wear my hair. There are some other “proper” tutorials out there – I have linked some below if you want to check them out. For those of you out there that prefer to use vintage pomade or more authentic tools, tips and tricks – that’s fab too!

So there it is, the vintage poodle in 4 quick and easy steps for you to try out. You can wear flowers to the side; diamante slides or even head scarves. If you are feeling really lazy then you could skip the curling part and just use your fingers to make a curl with a section of your hair then pin it into place. I have also worn a “scruffy” version of a vintage poodle by simply looping my hair around my fingers and pinning roughly.

More hair…

As always, if you try this – please let me know! If you follow me on Instagram and want to share, tag me in your photos or DM me! You can also read more of my hair related blog posts here.


Fabulous recommended tutorials



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