How To Style Purple, Yellow & Pink Without Looking Like An Easter Egg | with Voodoo Vixen


With Easter fast approaching, just what do you wear for the bank holiday that is more: classy Easter Chic(k) than a fluffy Easter Bunny???

Transitioning my autumn wardrobe into spring is always a task in itself each year. My heart says pretty pastels and bare legs but the weather outside says stick your tights back on quick. Being “typically British” – even a sniff of sunshine has me planning ice cream trips and country walks in sundresses with jelly shoes. Only to be severely let down once stepping out my front door. Untitled

One colour combination I am absolutely lusting over this Easter spring bank has to be pink, yellow and purple. Three strong, bold blocks of colour that can often fight for attention but if done correctly can create a great statement and turn a head or two. I hear you thinking – these three put together could be mistaken for a brightly decorated Easter egg right? The key is a more “grown up” version. Think Marks and Spencer finest Easter egg rather than a cheapy Tescos Own.

Styling it the vintage way….

The “Marcia” dress c/o Voodoo Vixen is the perfect violet blue hue as a base for today’s look. Featuring a halter neck, low back and tailored fit, this piece is easy to wear for work with a blazer or cardigan but just as perfect for a fancy occasion too. The white piping detail running down the sides of this dress is really flattering for curves and creates an illusion (always helpful right) of an hourglass. The 60s vibe and colour is my favourite thing about the Marcia dress. It is just so cheery and a beautiful shade of bluish violet.

I have paired the Marcia dress with a baby pink bargain cardigan from Primark. Not because this dress needs concealing in any shape or form but more because when wearing to work, it seemed a little more professional to be a bit more covered up. I have also worn this outfit without a cover up cardigan to perform in on stage and to a formal christening, it still works so well. Worn with the Juliette peep toe heels in yellow from Lulu Hun giving todays look a bit more “pop” (if this is at all possible!) and putting some sunshine spring in your step. With a modest 3.5-inch heel, they are a great comfy pair of shoes for the office or to dance all night in.


Styling the bold with the beautiful from the high street. 

To “grow this look up a bit” – you could swap the colours around a little. A crushed velvet cami goes perfect with a metallic cerise heel and mustard cardigan. If you are looking for a true vintage look then of course a repro brand like Voodoo Vixen is perfect. Get that authentic feel and pair it with simple accessories that are either true vintage or even from the high street pulling it all together nicely.

These bold colours work well because they are exactly that – block colours. Keeping it simple and letting the colours have all the conversation makes for a great outfit combination. Have a great Easter Spring Bank every one – as always, let me see your own fabulous outfits (and feel free to link up at the bottom of this post) I would love to see them! UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledMarcia dress: Voodoo Vixen

Yellow Peep Toes: Lulu Hun c/o Collectif

Pink cardigan: Primark

Photos: C Williams

With many thanks to Lulu Hun & Voodoo Vixen.

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