How To Wear A Front Roll When You Have A Fringe & A Pair of Fab Overalls

ConnieOverallsGeorgiaGarden Recently, I have been loving a front roll in my hair more and more. Back in January this year, I had a fringe cut in – a huge change for me. For the last 15 years of my life I have had the same or a similar hair style. Long with a few layers (daring hey?!) in the front. Well, my hair has been many different colours but always roughly about the same style.

So I took the plunge and tried something different. I went for BANGS (commonly known to the Brits as a simple fringe) and I loved them. For about 5 seconds. Once I had given my hair a wash, and my fringe unruly curled all over the place and then I was over them. The whole reason why I had them cut in was to have an easy peasy go to 1960s instant style. I like to wear big and small beehives and having the fringe in just made them easier.


If it aint’ broke…

Well as the famous saying goes, I began to realise why I had always had my hair the same style for over a decade. Because it was just easy to do anything with it when it was all one length. So I began to grow them back out again. They are a nice length at the moment, short enough to still have a side sweep fringe but then long enough to (just about) go into a front roll.

Having a fringe did have its benefits. When I woke up in the morning, it was a quick straighten of my fringe and put the rest into a ponytail, done. NOT too great if you are performing on a hot stage and get your sweaty fringe stuck to your forehead though. It is safe to say that I had a very LOVE / HATE relationship with my bangs. Of course, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to vintage hair ideas and ways to help me accommodate. But after about two weeks, it was a bit too long also so I couldn’t really see well.

Enter the quick Insta 5 min tutorial…

Front Roll…ing, Rolling, Rolling like a River…..

The front roll is literally the EASIEST style. Even if you have a fringe. I did a super speedy Instagram tutorial shown above, but broken down the steps are a piece of cake.

  • Step 1 – section your fringe, or whatever part of your hair that you desire to be in the roll.
  • Step 2 – take two fingers and wrap all the hair around them until you have a roll.
  • Step 3 – position and pin in place.


That is honestly how easy it is. Okay so to elaborate a little further and let you into all my secrets….. It actually really IS this simple but I do a little prep work first. Because I have bangs and layers, I use a volumising powder and / or dry shampoo to help my shorter layers stick together better when I am rolling. The oomph powder I use and recommend ( not affiliated just adore it) is the Vo5 one. It comes in a little pink bottle and you can get it pretty much everywhere although I know Boots stock it. I use Batiste dry shampoo but any brand will do. I would also suggest trying this style on hair that is at least one or two days old.

You can wear a front roll if you have short hair, long hair, fringe or layers. If you remember to add a bit of volume and practice practice practice then it will soon be second nature. What I love about this style is also that you can wear your hair up in a ponytail or bun or wear it down and natural and both go with the front roll.


Front roll done, now for the perfect pair of overalls!

If you are a regular follower then you will know that I live in jumpsuits. They are just too comfortable to live without. Can you imagine my excitement when I came across these Connie overalls from Voodoo Vixen! Last season they came in denim (which of course is a fab staple) but SS18 saw the green colour way. You may have seen me rave about them when I went to London Edge a few months back.

If you want to catch up you can read that post here. 

They really do look fabulous on all shapes and sizes. Connie is a stretchy par of overalls, designed to hug and fit curves. To the back are adjustable straps – originally I never even thought of criss-crossing them until I saw them on the catwalk. You can wear them crossed over or worn straight for personal preference. AND, they have pockets. Now this just completes them as the most fabulous pair of overalls and the ideal outfit if you are out and about and on the go.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a glam dress and heels kind of outfit but sometimes you need something to not move about and work with you whilst you take over the world. This is that outfit.

Shop The Look

Silver JelliesConnie Overalls


With thanks to Voodoo Vixen & Sun Jellies for gifting. These products were given to me to review but I always provide honest feedback and only review items that I would be happy to recommend / purchase myself.

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