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Untitled Ah Halloween. Once this spooky time of year comes around, I know that can only mean one thing – Christmas. Yes I said it, I went there. But it is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. Each year, there are zombies, pumpkins, witches and mummies roaming about scaring people at house parties and nightclubs. Without wanting to be a carbon copy from all the rest of us who have “raided the pound shop” at the last minute – how DO you dress for Halloween but still maintain your own retro / vintage inspired style?

All this week on my blog I have some ghoulish get-ups that will help you get in the scary spirit but those that you can actually wear to work without fear of getting fired. Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. It is a strange but fascinating fixation that most of us have with dressing up creepily. There are a small handful of us that absolutely go all out each year and look like we belong in another world (perhaps the Underworld) and then we have the cutie patoooootie Halloweeners that consider “a nurses outfit with blood on” a spine tingly terrifying ensemble. However you like to celebrate – stay tuned to my blog for outfits, ideas and inspiration all this week!


Today’s look is “Pumpkin Spice” – dressed head to (almost) toe in original vintage available from my own store – Monica Valentine Vintage. The late 1960s dagger collar shirt has a tailored fit and is a gorgeous deep plum maroon colour. Paired with one of my favourite black pleated original vintage skirts, I love the length of this piece. Some in your face orange tights from old faithful eBay to make a statement and my autumn favourite – jellies! I love the contrast of these black jellies c/o Sun Jellies with the orange and really think they make a striking pair. Perfect for running about in and if the weather is dry but cool then they are practical too.

A vintage purple scarf and purple leather belt complete this look alongside some original vintage 1960s pink acetate frames – recently purchased from Depop. Now I probably wouldn’t want to wear original vintage to a Halloween or fancy dress party (simply because fake blood is a nightmare to get out of anything!) but I really do believe that you can wear original vintage to celebrate any occasion.


Vintage Purple Dagger Collar – Monica Valentine Vintage | Vintage Black Pleated Skirt – Monica Valentine Vintage | Orange Tights – eBay | Black Jellies c/o Sun Jellies | Vintage Purple Headscarf – Monica Valentine Vintage | Purple Leather Waist Belt – H&M

This post features vintage from my own store and has been styled for promotional purposes. Please visit: for more.

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