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Untitled With the end of the year looming ahead, todays festive inspired outfit comes with some summer pieces, reclaimed for a few more months wear. Having a seasonal wardrobe clear out is something I battle with twice a year – do I throw out that super cute halter neck that I got in the sale for a bargain £3 (that still has it’s tags on by the way) or does it belong in the “for sale on ebay” pile! Most of all I have those fond summer memories that I just want to hold onto for a few more weeks before packing them away until next year.

Untitled This “Melissa” white gypsy top c/o Rockabilly Pinup – perfect with high waist pin up shorts and jellies during the summer is still versatile when it starts to get cooler. With its flattering neckline and delicious tailored fit, this white top can be worn with literally everything all year round. Certainly not one to pack away, I will be wearing this under cardigans and pinafore dresses in the months to come. I think that everyone needs a good basic white top that fits like a dream and not just in the spring / summer.

Worn here with red capris – yep summer capris. Worn with some knee-high boots, you wouldn’t even know they were capris! Ideal for wearing all through the summer and then into the autumn/winter with a few tweaks here and there. These ones are the “Tina” red capri c/o Rockabilly Pinup and they have a v shaped detail at the bottom. I really love the zip at the back, most reproduction capris have a side zip and I feel this doesn’t always give the best fit so a zip at the back is always welcome. Red is such a versatile colour for all seasons and especially festive –these capris just need a little tinsel and you will feel Christmas ready!

Completing this delightful ding-dong merrily on high look is this Carla Bow Polkadot Black and Red Handbag. Featuring a longer detachable shoulder strap, and soft faux leather it has enough room for the essentials and maybe a book for when your train is delayed. I paired this ensemble with a fit and flare black mac style coat (one I have had for so long, I cannot even remember where it’s from) my favourite black knee high boots and a black neck scarf.

Thank you to all of my regular readers / followers who have been in touch over me having a short break on my blog/social media. Sometimes, things happen in your every day life that make you stop, take a minute and want to appreciate the smaller, more precious things in life. Nothing can be taken for granted and every moment we have with the ones we love must be treasured.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Many thanks to Rockabilly Pinup for gifting – red capris, white top and spotty bow bag available here. 


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