I miss you most of all, when Autumn leaves…. Start to fall // The Cilla Dress c/o Madcap England || OOTD

Untitled Well Peaches, it’s officially the first day of autumn and I am so ready for tights, jumpers and fabulous cold weather coats. I am excited to share this “Cilla” dress from Madcap England with you today. Ordinarily I would style this with tights and boots but I am still waiting for the English weather to catch up and realise that it’s almost the end of September and it should actually be cold by now.

One of my all time favourite 60s inspired reproduction brands is Madcap England and when they told me that they had a new style in – I knew I had to try! None other than the late “Cilla Black” inspired the “Cilla” dress, which is similar to one she wore when she recorded “Alfie” with Burt Bacharach.

Untitled Of course for me, wearing a dress inspired by a musical icon is a dream come true. One of the reasons why I wear, love and sell vintage is for the romance memories that people have experienced when wearing those outfits. To watch the YouTube video recording of Cilla actually singing “Alfie” and wearing something comparable to what I have on just fills me with nostalgic butterflies! (see below for actual footage on YouTube)

Complete with a matching brown scarf that can be used as a headscarf, neckerchief or belt this raglan sleeve style dress is so easy to wear! I have paired this with my equally comfortable black jellies c/o Sun Jellies. Made from 10% cotton with a soft jersey feel, this is one of those perfect dresses – ideal for running around paired with flats as well as jazzing up on an evening with a pair of tights and heels.

I love Autumn. Everything from the colours and the change in weather to the hustle and bustle of party season arriving and everyone getting their glam on just makes me feel content. Everything must change – with change comes opportunity. Looking back on this summer, my life is completely different to what it was last year. For one – I have a beautiful ray of sunshine in my life that suddenly gives life a point and a reason to succeed. My little girl helped me find my “get up and go” like never before and I have achieved so much in these last six months since she was born. I have fallen in love with performing again and got back out on the road. My view on “what’s fashionable is null and void – I am comfortable exploring my own style through what I wear and confidently sharing this with those that take a minute to read. I am now writing for Vintage Life magazine monthly –my thoughts, the words I write and a little part of my soul will now be in print and available worldwide – that is something I have no words to describe!


Most importantly I have discovered that when you are willing to change, it is uncomfortable for a moment and then beautiful from there on in.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Cilla Dress & Headscarf c/o Madcap England | Black Jellies c/o Sun Jellies | Photos credit to Stevie Cheesman

The items in this blog post have been gifted to me to review. I will always give my 100% honest opinion and never accept products that I would not be happy to buy and choose myself. I may also earn a commission from the links that are within this post. If you would like to collaborate with me, please contact me at info(at)monicavalentinevintage(dot)com. Please note, due to the high volume of requests from brands - I only collaborate, review and work with those that I feel my readers would like to view/read about on my blog.

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