I’m Dreaming Of A Tiki Christmas // Cocktails and sparkles with Atomic Amber

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of performing at Atomic Amber’s event – “I’m Dreaming Of A Tiki Christmas” in London’s Tiki Paradise – Kanaloa Club. Meeting so many lovely ladies (and gents!) from the vintage loving community and having a good old jive was totally fabulous and I cannot wait for the summer “Picnic In The Park” event already!

With singing and performing as my true loves, Christmas time can often be spent from venue to venue and I usually miss out on the traditional “office party” being self employed. However, being able to attend this event was like my own private Christmas do with many dazzling and glamorous people dancing their socks off! It didn’t really feel like I was performing either, more like just having a good little boogie with my besties. Although I had travelled from up north, it never really feels like work when you are twirling about dressed up in pretties and enjoying your favourite music hey!

credit to @darktechsupport

Untitled I chose to wear an outfit from the fairly new brand Joanie clothing. I need to just stop and mention how fabulous Joanie clothing actually is – exactly my kind of thing – their style features the fifties and sixties, which are my favourite eras. I adore late fifties to early sixties and I found it so hard to narrow it down to just one outfit from their range because there was simply so much to choose from! I opted for their Noelle Cocktail Print Skirt, which has a statement cocktail, and sparkle print, big box pleats that stand out and a glam length. I didn’t wear this with a petticoat but you could easily pop one underneath for more drama. On their website, this is paired with a peachy pink “proseco ho ho” sweat – I love the mix up of texture and fabrics (pairing a glam skirt with a casual top) – I opted for a rusty red bronze polo neck crop top that I got off eBay. The colour is a bluey blackish blue haha – I cannot actually decide if it is blue or black as it looks different when paired with each. With the pattern having rusty red, orange, bronze and muted pink tones – you really could pair this with a number of options. I particularly love the wide waistband on the skirt – this is worn high waisted and the thicket band really gives you a lovely cinched in waist.

I chose the Antonia faux fur stole in mink to keep me warm – I felt like Elizabeth Taylor! You can wear it so many ways too which makes it a totally justifiable party purchase. It has a button fastening to the front if you prefer it more closed, or a “loop hole opening” to the middle if you want to drape it round your shoulders or you can leave it open if you prefer to tuck it in by your sides. It’s the Old Hollywood style that does it for me and I know I will get so much wear for winter weddings, parties and events to come!

I love to perform in socks and shoes – I know, I know, some find that odd. But I love it! It makes me feel comfortable and just more like “me” so yep, don’t think that one is gonna change anytime soon! I chose these “lurex ankle socks” again by Joanie in the gold colourway (they also come in silver tho eeeeks) and I adore them! If you are a sock loving gal like me, you will know that it is so hard to find socks that are not just your average every day pair. They are thin enough to wear with shoes but thick enough to keep you warm and pair with pumps on off duty days. They will of course be making further appearances in my #ootd to come.

Lastly, Ruby Shoo kindly sent me these matching bag and shoes in a festive wine colour! I loved all the red, brown and muted pink tones in my outfit so decided to finish off with these deep wine coloured combo. Naturally – these shoes are called “Georgia” so how appropriate that they were helping me dance the night away. They have a sturdy heel and a t bar fastening – a style I prefer to perform in as I know they wont drop of my feet when I am prancing around the room! The matching “Montreal” bag was the icing on the cake – it is even long enough to put my microphone in – what more do I need. The same bow and jacquard details are on both the bag and shoes making them the perfect matching pair.

Untitled Normally, I am super snap happy but my phone was plugged into the sound system for the jumpin jiving playlist at the venue so I hardly took any photos! Thank you to the beautiful Cacao Papow and her other half @darktechsupport for these photos – please check out her blog here.

credit to @darktechsupport Please do check out Joanie Clothing – they have so many beautiful pretty things that make you feel fabulous. Taken from their website is a little introduction info on them….


From an idea first sparked in December 2015, Joanie was born out of a desire to create vintage-inspired style for the modern wardrobe, with fun, flirtation and femininity at its heart.

Our brand is inspired by our Designer’s Great Aunt, Joanie; a glamorous woman who tapped and twirled her way through the fifties and sixties. She was always well turned out with perfectly coiffed red hair and to this day, Joanie enjoys nothing more than an afternoon of tea dancing, indulging in high tea with friends, and an ice-cold glass of ginger beer.

Many thanks to atomic amber@darktechsupport | cacao papow | joanie clothing | ruby shoo



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