Jazz at Ivory, Harrogate & Deckchairs on my dress c/o Emily & Fin // OOTD

UntitledMorning Peaches! So the weekend was a busy one for me – in fact ALL of last week was hectic! But equally filled with all my favourite things. I spent most of the week rehearsing with The Northernettes as well as more rehearsing with my guitarist, Dave Hanson for all the gigs we have booked in for the next few months. I also modelled for some future posts and worked on a guest post for a gorgeous vintage reproduction brand too.

Helping me feel absolutely fabulous and ready to perform on Friday was this summery deckchair printed dress c/o Emily & Fin! ALL throughout the day it rained cats and dogs but I was so pleased with the cute deckchair print on this dress because I totally felt bright, cheery and ready for summer once I put it on. Made from 100% cotton, this dress is really breathable and easy to wear. I put a vintage petticoat underneath it to perform in – although this dress does not need one really, I just prefer a bit more swish.

IMG_7720I tried a Lindy Bop petticoat in the same gorgeous dark minty green colour but it was too fluffy and didn’t look right so I reverted back to my trusty tulle vintage one instead! There are so many things I loved about wearing this dress, from the flattering neckline to the sassy print to the curved detail at the back.

One TOTALLY amazing thing that I discovered was hidden POCKETS!!! Yep secretly waiting in the pretty pleats was a pocket there – the icing on the cake. I didn’t wear a corset to perform in this time as the waist was so flattering, there really was no need. I went for a size 10 which fit perfectly and I am so glad that I didn’t size up. I have been working hard with the kettle bells (oh the pain – on my Instagram if you want to see!) and trying to distract myself from eating cake and it seems to be paying off! Definitely do go and check Emily & Fin out for true British glamour, gorgeous prints and classy, fitted dresses. 

I paired this stunning dress with a devine bit of sparkle c/o Lovett & Co – the Double Flower Brooch in pacific opal. There is nothing quite like a bit of dazzle that catches the light and although this lovely double flower number blends in against the print of this dress, it really did add some glam to the stage. Completing my outfit was my black and white stripey old faithful heels from Primark! I love that they pick out the stripes in the deckchairs and of course were worn with some sheer pop socks.

I wore this to perform at Ivory, Harrogate – the first of my many performances! I will be performing each month there (next on August 26th) – I would love to meet you so please come down and say hello! You can catch some of my set that was recorded LIVE on my Facebook page ( I promise this won’t be sideways next time – sorry again!)

Photo below c/o How Fine Designs. 

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled“Scarlett Dress” c/o Emily & Fin | Black & White Heels – Primark | Double Flower Brooch in Pacific Opal c/o Lovett & Co. | Many thanks to Emily & Fin and Lovett & Co. for gifting | Catch me at Ivory, Harrogate next on August 26th.


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