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Leopard print. What is life without it? Okay, so quite a dramatic statement but then when was I ever a wallflower! There is something to be said about a sassy animal printed outfit, especially in March. Now this might be considered a print to wear when it’s colder or there are darker nights. Well right now, we have had the beast from the east and shed full of snow fall on us. These pictures come from a break in between the snow and horrible storms. Trust me though, I was still blooming freezing here. Bare arms & bare legs in March wouldn’t normally be a problem right? Well – all in the name of style right!

Wiggle on over here…

The wiggle dress / skirt is a shape I keep returning to. For some reason, I cannot seem to keep away from it. That said, I guess you could call it a signature style. After many hours browsing, my eye is always drawn back to the more fitted styles. The louder the print / colours – the better.

The Izzy leopard print from the new SS18 Voodoo Vixen collection is basically, well life. Fast becoming a staple, it has a tailored fit. It is such a soft fabric to wear and even though its a wiggle, its really comfy. As always, I need to be able to just chuck my clothes in the wash and hope for the best – it survived. Mountains of washing every week with having a young family, I really need clothes that fit in around my lifestyle. No fading, shrinking and still maintains a great fit, its a firm favourite. Basically, you can pair leopard print with literally any colour.

Untitled Leopard print is life…

Paired here with a bright green vintage polo neck sleeveless top and a big badass front roll in my hair. Punky Pins has forever been a long term love of mine especially for creating “pins that pack a punch.” They just have a knack of saying exactly what I want to convey. This one I am wearing I got in a goodie bag at London Edge a few weeks back. It says “My future – Cats & WiFI.” Well, I feel that this could potentially be all I need right – fluffy cats to snuggle up to and WiFi to survive the world?! Am I right?


Skirt – The Izzy Skirt from Voodoo Vixen

Polo neck – Vintage

Glasses – Where Light

Pin – Punky Pins

Photos – C Williams

With thanks to Voodoo Vixen for sponsorship




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