Lindy Bop Love On The Hottest Day Of The Year

Lindy Bop Love
Having had this Lindy Bop skirt in my wardrobe for quite some time now, I thought I should get it out and give it a spin – literally. It was a previous sale impulse purchase based purely on it’s print.

Dusky pink is a bit of an odd colour for some. The birds sang from the tree tops and it made it’s way into my basket. It is full circle and worn here without a petticoat underneath. With the recent heatwave, I have found myself reaching for the same old outfits. Those flimsy summer shift dresses, shorts or strapless tops have been on rotation.

Today, I decided that I needed something different. Worn here with a slash neck tee (Primark) and some glorious shoes that always remind me of actual sunshine from la veintinueve which have also been on my feet all summer.

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Lindy Bop Love

As they say in fashion  – “One day you are in and the next, you are out.” Can you tell that I have been watching re-runs of Project Runway recently? For me, the above statement is so true. Being a typical mood dresser, one day I am loving a piece in my wardrobe and the next – it is up for sale! Clothes are there for you to wear, to enjoy, to feel incredible in. If an item of clothing no longer makes you feel on top of the world – get rid. Bin it, sell it, pass it on.

Lindy Bop is a brand that I have shopped with for some years now on and off. I normally size up in trousers or shorts as I prefer a relaxed fit. This circle skirt is an 8 and although a little tight, it fastens and I am currently a size 10. My advice would be to order a few sizes and then you can always return what doesn’t fit!




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