Lockdown; How to Survive It

Lockdown; How to Survive 

Lockdown. Before the UK came to a halt, the only lockdown I knew of was Love Lockdown by Kanye West. Now, I am entering the sixth week that I have been “staying at home.” Previous to the mandatory lockdown, I worked from home for a week. My little girl was still in preschool at this point. Then that shut down. Working from home full time with a four year old brought all the challenges, despair and business you would expect it to. 

Working all sorts of hours to try and fit things in or get things done. I felt mum guilt every single day. Then, after another week and a half went by –  I was put on furlough from work. 

That was interesting in itself. Being on furlough meant that I could at least spend time with my little one. That is, 12 hours every single day….!!

Lockdown - stay home - stay safe


The amount of times I have sat down to write something on my blog has been as lost to me as the days in quarantine. Normally, I have a topic in mind, photos or an idea and I am able to bring out my laptop and the words form themselves on the screen. Every time, I have been stumped. 

Because there are a thousand ways that people are suggesting out there on how to survive lockdown. If you want to learn a new skill, be positive and try and motivate yourself then people are quick to tell you to bore off. If you want to mope about and watch netflix all day then people tell you that you should be doing something more productive. Whatever you will do, whatever I will suggest to you – well that will be wrong.

Pinterest Me!

A Positive Peach 

If you are a regular reader / follower over on my social media, then you will be well aware that the above does not sound like me! I use the platform that I have to share positive quotes, happy memes and brighter than life versions of my day. However, there is also another side – this is survival mode. 

Don’t think that I am a happy go lucky positive peach that never struggles with anything. This is not true. I prefer to post positive content because it really does help keep me feeling positive too. 

Never assume that it comes from a place where all is rosy. I am not perfect, I feel things too. I am human.


Stay Positive

The Good, The Bad, The Random. 

I wanted to try to document this time somehow, so that I would have a record of how well I had survived lockdown. HAHAHAHA. Most days have been random. There is good, bad but mostly random. Before furlough, there was an hourly routine for my child hanging in the kitchen in an attempt to make “this all work for everyone.” It was of some use actually when I was working full time and went quite smoothly.

All bets are off the table now I am on furlough however. If, during lockdown, I motivate myself to get dressed or my child practices writing her name for the 39810,000 time then that will be a great day. Wow, what did I just write?


Lockdown Learnings:

There is lots of chatter on the web about “this time teaching you who your friends are.” Equally also lots shaming that idea and counteracting that very statement. However, in my personal experience lockdown has taught me so much. Not just about who is there for me, but myself too. I am there for myself. 

During lockdown, I learnt how to make myself proper scrambled eggs (the Gordon Ramsey way!) That an egg in the middle of a crumpet is actually a piece of heaven on a plate. I have learnt that my house is huge for the three of us. I am blessed with space – something I have been so grateful for during lockdown. 

Although I am generally not bad at self care and beauty hacks, this time has taught me that I can learn pretty much anything if I want to. Having the extra time to google how to gel your own nails has been a huge bonus. My husband has also received a lockdown haircut. One that my hairdresser talked and walked me through. Of course, she leant me her professional clippers. I actually did a good job! Thanks Paz!!

Most of all, I have learnt to protect my own heart and mind. There have been things that people have said, done and tried to impose upon me that thankfully I have realised before it was too late. This extra time in lockdown has helped me remember what I need to be stable and try to continue on a straight line.

Lockdown - Eggy crumpets

Lockdown skill - scrambled egg!

That’s all I gotta say about that.

These last 5 weeks have been hard. I won’t pretend. We have another three weeks to go still until lockdown lifting is even to be considered. However, I am thankful for my health. Right now, I can run or workout in the garden with my husband. I can even do yoga or just chase my 4 year old around the garden without losing my breath. There are thousands out there that cannot do the same due to this horrible virus. 

There is food in my house, we have everything that we need. Friends are helping me stay (just about) sane.

There is no wrong or right way to survive lockdown. Just as there is no wrong or right way to live when there is no lockdown. Life is a maze. We are all just trying to navigate it the best possible way we can without finding yourself staring at a dead end. However you come out of it at the end of it, you will have done your best. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are amazing. You have got this. Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving a pandemic. Something to tell the grandchildren about anyway. 

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