London Edge 2020 – 3 Things I Loved

What it is…

Last week, I went to London Edge 2020! Based in The Business Design Centre in Islington, London it is a trade show for vintage and alternative brands. Not open to the public, it is my invite only (unless you are a brand/buyer) and takes place twice a year in the UK and twice a year in Las Vegas.

This time around, London Edge 2020 was my sixth time at the trade show. For me, I go to the event because it is a great chance to meet the brands that I work with and connect with them. Having them all in one place at one time is invaluable as it means I am able to get around the stalls, and see how I can best help their brands. This also enables me to gain a deeper understanding as to who their brand is and how they wish to be represented. 

I visit as an influencer, but as I work in marketing for a living – I always find that I leave feeling even more inspired. It is really wonderful to hear brands discuss their plans, new launches and ideas for how to market themselves. If I can lend a hand, help promote on social or chat about their ideas then I will!

London Edge with Lady K Loves

What it’s not…

This blog post is mainly an answer to all of the messages I get sent and questions I am asked each time I post about visiting London Edge. Firstly, this is not open to the general public. The items that you see on display often include a trade price and this is not something that should be open to public viewing. As you know, everything is bought at trade and then sold for a little bit higher to Miss Jenny Public. Profit has to be made and this is how business works. Prices shown at the trade show are there to encourage orders. 

When influencers share anything from the new collections on their social media, they are asked not to include any prices. Although I also purchase from many of the brands that I work with as an influencer, I think that this is only fair of them to ask. Understandably, every business has to make a profit on what they initially purchase. If the price is still fair for the quality of the item then I don’t see an issue. However, some people can be funny if they know that the item is sold a lot lower initially. 

If you wish to attend as an influencer / blogger – you can apply for a pass which is vetted by the London Edge PR team. 

Lois and Gem - London Edge

The freebie mentality!

A few of you have asked if you can come along to the day because “you want to go for the freebies.” This is not always the case. Freebies from brands are never actually freebies. Why would a brand give you something for absolutely nothing in return. If you are a blogger / influencer and you are lucky enough to receive a goodie bag or any free items then you already understand what is required. 

After working as an influencer for the last six years, I would always strongly advise to only ever accept a free item if you feel that you would A. buy it and B. talk about it anyway.

So – if you thought that London Edge 2020 was just a freebie show – now you know!


March Wishlist - Bags galore!

Fabulous Brands

As mentioned above, networking with fabulous brands is the number one reason why I attend London Edge. This time around I was more than blessed to be able to chat with the fabulous ladies from Bow & Crossbones, Lady K Loves and Rock n Romance to name a few!

Seeing their beautiful faces and chatting to them about what they have planned for the next few months was invigorating! As I already connect with them on social media, it was nice to see them in person too.

My first favourite thing about London Edge 2020.


Rock N Romance Dress - London Edge

Charlie Stone Shoes - LE 2020

Relatable Runway Models

Year after year, I say the same thing. We need relatable women on the runway! Some of the vintage brands feature ladies from the vintage community already which is really great to see. This helps the “normal” shaped woman be able to imagine what that dress will look like on them. Things don’t always hang the same when you have curves (for eg if the model doesn’t!) 

It is refreshing to see women with bodies that also look close to yours walking down the runway. London Edge 2020 saw the fabulous Sophie Waldron and Miss Deadly Red saunter down in various garms.

Inspirational Women

Finally, what I loved the most about London Edge 2020 is meeting like minded individuals. From brands, to other influencers and not missing out on the wonderful PR team too. This time around, I attended on the Monday (I normally go on the Sunday) so it was a little quieter. However, hearing other bloggers chat about what they are struggling with and doing well in again left me feeling inspired. 

They say that you should meet up with your “own kind” and at London Edge 2020, I have never felt more at home. Every season, seeing the new collections in person, chatting to people and making connections as well as just having some me time (away from being a mummy) is honestly what makes the event for me. 


Beautiful ladies!

London Edge 2020

London Edge 2020 part 2….

September 2020 will bring another London Edge! My little girl is due to start school on Monday the 7th so I may try and attend Sunday the 6th of September instead! London Edge 2020 part 2 will bring the Autumn Winter season – I cannot wait!

Until then, I am enjoying the new Spring Summer pieces! If you are following me over on Instagram you may see a few pop up. You can always subscribe to my blog and stay up to date with everything too. 

Read about my previous time at London Edge here.



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