Magical Glasses c/o I Need Spex

Magical Glasses in collaboration with I Need Spex

If you are looking for magical glasses, well then look no more! I Need Spex stocks the most glorious pairs. For the last five years, they have been delicately sourcing and supplying vintage and retro inspired eyewear. If vintage isn’t your thing (gasp) then of course they also stock high street style frames too. 

However, for all of my fabulous vintage lovers, their collection is truly something else. Keep reading to see some of my favourites. 

This is a gifted collaboration. Use my code GEORGIA10 for a 10% discount. I may earn a small fee for promotion, however all views are my own. I do not work with brands that I wouldn’t feel comfortable purchasing from myself.


Through the eyes of another…

Vintage glasses are magical glasses. Okay, so they won’t turn you into a frog or conjure up a money tree in your back garden but they do hold a sense of wonder! Imagine popping on a pair of frames from the 1950s, feeling them on your face and wondering what the original wearer saw. That. Of course, I am a huge lover of original vintage clothes. But often, they have been washed and worn by others and then washed again, stored away even. Glasses, well they are different aren’t they. 

When you put something on your face that helps you see, it is always a more personal affair. 

Just like original vintage clothing, I really love original vintage glasses because they are unique to you. When I am out and about, a lot of people ask me where my glasses are from. When I say “ah, they are vintage” – their faces drop. But, I like that nobody else will have just quite the same pair as me! 

These particular frames that I Need Spex sent are a small frame compared to some of my others, but I really love the black glossy “wings” on the top. They are my first ever pair of half rimmed glasses too, and yes – they are prescription.


One pair of eyes.

ANOTHER PAIR of glasses? I hear you say as you read this post. It is true, I only have one pair of eyes. Quite honestly, I stopped counting how many pairs I own a while ago now. Don’t they say the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well glasses are the curtains! I like to coordinate my curtains with the rest of my outfit! Therefore, the conclusion is that one can never have enough pairs of glasses! 

It would be difficult for me to give an honest review of these frames if I didn’t mention a few things first. These magical glasses are of course original vintage. Therefore not made by I Need Spex. Quality wise, to say that they are roughly around 70 years old – they are impeccable. They arrived in a protective slimline case in the post and SUPER quickly! 


Read more about my glasses collection here >

Purchase a piece of history!

Unsure about sizing? Their customer service team can sort you out! I would definitely purchase more pairs from them, they even put your prescription into existing pairs at a really great price. This is super handy if, like me you have lots of old pairs of glasses that you love but need a new prescription fitting. 

If you are looking for a truly unique piece of history, check out some of my favourites from I Need Spex below:




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