May. Where did you come from?

May. Where did you come from?

May. How on earth did we arrive here. It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing about how to survive lockdown. Now I could be wrong but I am pretty sure this is week 9 at home as my fingers type this post. NINE. This year started so well too. The year of plans and travel and all sorts of exciting collaborations. 

Now we are mid May. Boris tells me that we have another 2.5 weeks left of this lockdown and then we “should” be able to integrate into some sort of normality again. Well, if we can even remember what that is. How will I get on a train again? Will there ever be such a thing as popping to paperchase in my lunchtime to browse the latest collection? Perhaps there will. Wearing a face mask. 2 meters apart.

May - already lockdown 2020

Then – again, May.

My blog was created as an outlet to share, to let things out and to inspire others to do the same. At the beginning of this year, I made a plan. Now, if you know me in real life you will know that I love plans, lists and sorting stuff. However, I am maybe not too good at the details. Like, I know where I want to go and maybe a rough idea of how to get there. But the in-between bits are harder. Sometimes the detailed steps make themselves up as we go along. 

But, I actually had a detailed step by step plan to blog each week. There were some amazing people that I aspired to work with. I wanted to reach out to new readers across the web and inspire new crowds. I had topics in mind, events I was going to visit and write about. So many new things planned for the blog. Then… it was May.

May - lockdown 2020

There are wonderful things everywhere, if you look hard enough. 

Despite it being May and things being on hold, there have still been wonderful things! I am very grateful to the brands that continue to work with me. Coming next to the blog are some glorious outfits (what I truly love the most.) Watch out for the glorious VE round up too! 

It kinda felt wrong for me to blog as “normal” during everything that has been going on in lockdown. My little girl comes first and it is important to me that she gets through this and comes out the other side as best as possible. Everything else is secondary to that. She is currently singing her little heart out in the garden playing lego. 

I sit by the patio doors and when she is happy as a bird, so am I. It makes writing so much easier. As she plays to her heart’s content and sings her little head off, it inspires me to sit down and do something I love too. Blogging. Well chatting away really – but also blogging!

Thank you, as always for reading my blog. Also, for following and for checking in on me. I really appreciate the support and encouragement.



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