Monochrome Cows.

Untitled Springing into 2017 with no New Year’s resolutions actually makes me feel all brand spanking new in itself. I always used to try and make a few secret promises to myself until one of my friends said that I should just “get stuff done” and get on with it. With only 8% of us keeping New Years resolutions, I guess it is probably easier to just get up and DO IT. So that’s what I am doing!

If things were more black and white – wouldn’t they be easier?! Politics, relationships, all the second-guessing, to-ing and fro-ing to try and find the right answer, the right solution is often staring you right there in the face. Most of the time, you know it as well. I started this year with no intentions of broken promises and no real goals and yet I am faced with big changes both in my music and my own personal life. I will have less time but more reward, new creative opportunities as well as being booked up musically until summer already! Lots to think about – who needs resolutions?!

Untitled  Living a short walk away from beautiful countryside makes my soul happy but growing up I was a city girl, moving from city to city and back again. I always loved the hustle and bustle of people shopping, working, socializing and going about their day. I felt like I was “in the buzz” when I worked and lived in a city – these days it’s the green grass and dozens of sheep that fills me with peace. Walking around where I live now, I see farmers harvesting the fields on their big tractors and walkers with boots sticks and dogs. Perhaps I look out of place dressed in a black and white mod dress (c/o Love Her Madly Boutique) and cobalt blue tights with silver loafers. Perhaps not, depends on your taste.

For me, being who I am is Monochrome. It is black or white – both being of equal parts. If I like something, I will shout about it – if I don’t then I will tell you. I am decisive and inspired by those who know what they like and where they are going in life. Purpose and drive breeds purpose and drive and I will jump on that wagon any day. I don’t mind that you “don’t get” why I want to wear cobalt blue tights and a monochrome dress to walk through fields and chat to the cows. I didn’t wear it for you. I don’t mind that you think I am off to a fancy dress party – my life is a party. It’s okay that you look twice, take a third look and be inspired.

The “Martha” from Love Her Madly Boutique was made to measure and the fit is very tailored. A classic black and white monochrome square pattern is instantly recognisable as a “sixties look” and I chose this particular style because it is fun, stand out and can be paired with pretty much any colour. There is no fastening to the back so it does need to be pulled over your head but this would look perfect with a polo neck underneath as well. I got these pop colour tights from eBay and they are just as vibrant in real life! Paired with my favourite beat up silver loafers I bought from Office a while ago – I just can’t let them go even though they have seen better days!

Who we are comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and situations. Embrace what you love and wear it proudly.


Many thanks to Love Her Madly Boutique for gifting. Photo credit – C Williams


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