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Peaches!!!! I took the plunge and popped on some vintage shoes today. I have a strange phobia of vintage shoes. Something about them really makes me feel icky icky yak. Don’t get me wrong I totally heart vintage clothes and of course selling/wearing/blogging them but because I hand wash them or steam clean them I feel a bit better about getting all the lurgies outta them before I pop them on. But shoes – even the most devine – I just cant get over someone else wearing them.


The old saying – you never know how it feels until you have walked a mile in another mans shoes – well it really kinda makes me recoil in horror. All the faff about athletes foot and other foot nasties just really puts me off. Anyway – enough about my odd foot phobia…. These metallic heels found their way into my hands (or feet) and I bit the bullet and got my pins out. Actually – not too bad.

There isn’t much wear on them and they are probably 1980s (which isn’t too bad I guess!) and the insides are clean and free from lurgies. They have a little wear on the heel , but are in good nick considering the age. (available to purchase on my store here) I particularly like the cut out detail along the sides and the mix in metallic colours.

I have recently started watching Mad Men (again) because I just absolutely love the fashion, the plot and of course – Don Draper (swoon) and thought today’s outfit was very Peggy Olson.


Today I am Peggy Olson – tomorrow who knows.  What I love about vintage fashion is that every day can be a dress up day and another chance to express who you are (or who you feel like for that day.) 

The clothes in my wardrobe determine who I feel like being on that day, almost like a super hero costume. I rarely wear all black and normally live for colour, if I am happy it’s something yellow, if I am feeling daring – it’s something red. What started my passion for vintage was the thought that nobody would ever turn up in the same outfit as me – I could be original – and I really wanted to inspire others to be the same. Find who you are – and be that.

In other news – I should probably cut my grass.



Outfit | Green Head Scarf | Brown Polo Neck Jumper | Yellow & Cream Skirt |Metallic Gold Shoes |All vintage – all available at


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