My First Brookie Stack c/o Guns n Posies Bakery

My First Brookie Stack c/o Guns n Posies Bakery

Do you ever Insta-eat? I do. It’s when you eat with your eyes after scrolling on Instagram. Well Guns n Posies Bakery are one of those accounts that make you hungry every time they post. Often, I find myself lusting over their baked goods. Brookie stacks, brownies, blondies, cakes, chocolate fudge puddings and brookies stacks – all devine. The list goes on. I want to eat everything.

Recently, they posted a brookie stack on their feed and my tummy started to rumble. “If only you delivered up north” (they are based in Lewes, East Sussex) I commented. Well peaches, you won’t believe what happened next. THEY DELIVERED UP NORTH.

Brookie Stack

A Brookie Stack of Dreams

Confession time. I have actually never heard of a brookie stack before this delightful little thing arrived in the post. Imagine this – it lands on my doorstep and I am too excited to try it (so is my husband.) It takes me a while to get over the shock and sheer joy that it had actually arrived from the other end of the country. Eventually, I cut a bit off and took a bite.

Wow, heaven. This beauty starts with a luxuriously buttery cookie base that’s packed to the rafters with chocolate chips and is topped off with an intensely rich and gooey chocolate brownie. I’m telling you now, life does not get much better than this! Certainly my favourite bit was the very top. Rich beautiful brookie stack yumminess. Right now in my head, I have that pesky Justin Beiber song (Yeah you got that yummy yummy yummy yummy yumm yummmm) which about sums it up.

You can Insta-Eat too.

If you are still yet to give them a follow, head on over to their feed right now. No matter where you are now in the UK, they also now deliver (for a small P&P fee.) For more information, visit their delivery page here.

As a vintage blogger/influencer, I rarely receive or work with foodie brands so this has been an absolute welcome change! Don’t worry, I won’t be running off and becoming a foodie blogger anytime soon (although I do love cakes n bakes soooo.)

Guns n Posies Bakery also has a sister business – Guns n Posies. They make retro accessories and homeware. If you are thinking that cakes and bakes don’t go well with retro accessories then I am afraid we cannot be friends! Receiving a parcel with a beautiful flower crown AND a brookie stack was a dream.

Brookie Stack Valentines

Posted Baked Goods?

So, what you really want to know. What is the verdict on posted baked goods? Recommended. Tried and tested.

Guns n Posies Bakery really do make delicious brookie stacks! Fresh, tasty and perfect with a cup of tea. Ideal for a treat, I would recommend their range for a special someone. The packaging was really good too, meaning that the whole brookie stack arrived intact. Almost as if I had purchased it in a shop and brought it home myself. They are a great size too – easily shareable (optional of course!) Before, I have never considered ordering posted baked goods, but I would re-order from Guns n Posies Bakery.

peach plate with brookie stack


You can follow them on everything here:


This brookie stack was very kindly gifted to me from Guns n Posies Bakery with no obligation to write a blog post and /or promote this on my social feed. All opinions are honest, my own and in my own words.

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