November: 5 things I loved!



It is the month that flashes before your eyes. With Christmas just around the corner, I sometimes forget about November. My husband’s birthday is in October so I probably focus on getting ready for that and making plans that I am never quite ready for the following month.

This is one of the busiest times of the year for me with gigging as parties and functions seem to crop up everywhere. Nearly every weekend has had some sort of activity or adventure so this month I have felt like I have been in out and about a lot.

I used to write these “round-up” posts quite a bit when I started my blog and they were always some of the most read posts. For some reason I just stopped them and I have no idea why!

What I am watching.

This month, I have loved watching the Netflix series of Greenleaf! Have you watched it? It is about an influential family who run a church in America. As I grew up in a Christian environment and attended several Christian churches throughout my childhood – I find Greenleaf totally fascinating.

The politics that are involved in religion have always captivated me. Perhaps as I am familiar with a lot of the practices that are shown in Greenleaf and maybe because it all seems so realistic that these are some of the reasons why I binge watched it in November.

Series four was great – although the last episode was a bit of a let down. I was expecting a finale or at least something to keep me hanging but nope! You can watch it on Netflix if you are interested, I am pretty sure it has all seasons too at the mo.


What I am trying.

Back in August for my birthday, I got a new Fitbit! I have noticed that my resting heart rate has been a little high and I have been wondering how I can lower it. My fitness level is high and I know that I at least feel a lot healthier than I have in recent years! However, I have been concerned that my heart rate is a higher than it should be.

So I have been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake.

I decided through the month of November to only have a “proper coffee” as I wake up and before 12am. After this time, I have been switching to de-caff to try and see if it made a difference!

I can’t say it has really made much of a difference to be honest. But I am going to continue it for the next few months anyway as I know that I drink way too much coffee and would like to rely on it less.

What I am eating.

If you follow me on social media or are a regular reader then you will know that I am a vegetarian. During the month of November, I have been PRETTY damn obsessed with Aldi’s no meat “beef” burger steaks. They also have a fake chicken in breadcrumbs version, which is pretty tasty.

I think that you are probably supposed to have them with a burger bun but I have just been having them as a “piece of meat” so to speak and a side of vegetables.

They come frozen and you get 2X to a pack… I have consumed many packs. Try them – you may just love them too!

To read why I became a vegetarian, click here. 


What I have been buying.

As I now work in Leeds city centre, I am venturing out on my lunch break and finding new things that previously I never came across. My bank balance is not thanking me however. November has seen me increase my “postcard collection” – can that be a legit thing?

If you don’t have a Paperchase reward card and you shop there a lot – get one! They are worth it! You get a free card for every so many cards you buy and they also give you a £5 credit when you have spent over a certain amount. Not an ad – just my own experience!

They have a stand of bright and colourful postcards that I have loved this month. They have positive, sassy and some hilarious quotes on them. Some of them have gone into frames; others have made it to my bedroom. But a few have been put into books or notebooks that I regularly open. I really like it when they fall out of them, as they seem to be just the right message that I am looking for at the time.

Also, I quite like sharing them on my Instagram feed too – they are so colourful! Have you seen them? Is postcard collecting a thing? Do you have any other recommendations of fabulous postcards I can purchase? Let me know!

What I have been listening to.

If you catch even just one or two of my Instagram stories a day, well they probably have Lizzo on them in some way shape or form. This November (and pretty much since she burst into the spotlight, I have been listening to Lizzo.

She is queen right? I have been immersing myself in Coconut Oil and blaming it on her Juice. I even have my little girl who is almost 4 asking me if I feel Good As Hell whenever I wake up! I love what she stands for, and all that she is. Her social media is an inspiration and I really love following her!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will have heard something on the radio by her for sure! What have you been listening to recently?

Round up round up!

Well, that wasn’t too painful now was it! I may even do more of these in the month’s to come. Try and see them as little glimpses into my world and what I have loved in the month.

As always, I love hearing from you – you honestly do make my day! Tell me what you have loved, what you have listened to, what you have bought or worn during the month of November!

To read what I have been wearing or re-wearing rather in November, you can read my recent post here.



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