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Hello peaches. Now today, although I am a complete advocate for glamour and utter fabulousness – I am off duty. As a new mummy (4 weeks ago!) to my gorgeous little girl, I am balancing the lack of sleep, night feeds and lack of energy and finding myself in a daze most of the time! Style through pregnancy was so hard for me as the more pregnant I got, the more difficult I found it. Dressing for a large bump was also…. interesting. I hated maternity clothes so apart from leggings, simply did not buy any. Instead I purchased larger sizes or wore vintage that was a few sizes bigger than what I would normally go for. 

Post pregnancy, I am rediscovering curves and my new shape. Being pregnant and giving birth gave me a completely new appreciation for the human body and the changes it can go through. Although re-gaining my pre-baby figure is not something high on my list right now (sleep comes above all wants) I have been eating sensibly and not splurging on junk food!

I bought this powder pink vintage cardigan from Depop for a bargain price of £2.00!! Doing the night feeds has its advantages. I am pretty sure it was one of my 3am purchases. Paired with these perfect “throw me on” denim capri pants, and some comfy peachy brogues. This cardi doesn’t fit perfectly, but it is really comfy and cosy. Accessories today remind me that actually I can completely rock the “I’ve had no sleep and may have baby spit up on this top if you look hard enough” look. I bought this pale peach seahorse brooch some years back and occasionally bring it out of my wardrobe for a ride. Also fuelling my nautical obsession is this pearl, shell and starfish bracelet ensemble. I think I found this at a car boot sale – perhaps – it’s been a while. 




UntitledOOTD | Powder Pink Cardigan | Denim Capri Jeans | Headscarf | Brooch – Vintage | Bracelet | Brogues


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