Oh What A Year! 2016 Round Up & Another Fabulous Dress

Untitled Well it is almost the end of 2016 and what better way to see it out than in a glamorous dress and a good old recap of the most amazing year to date……. 

Every year we say things like “New Year, New You” and then slowly by the middle of January those resolutions have faded and we have all got back to “normal.” Well I didn’t start 2016 with any of those resolutions, being heavily pregnant – my only focus was to get to the end of my pregnancy and quickly! I was still performing and rehearsing with The Northernettes all through the first part of the year and up until a week before I had my little girl.

Then came my little Ray of sunshine and I became a mum. This gave me more drive, determination than ever and a fresh passion for writing, performing and having music in my world. Since then I have performed up and down the country most weekends with my guitarist, written down my thoughts more than I ever imagined, enjoyed maternity leave and watching my little one progress through the year and found “myself” again through her. I started writing for Vintage Life Magazine, met an amazing group of women who are my backbone and keep me going on the rainiest of days. Becoming a mother is different for everyone. Sometimes you have sleepless nights and days where you only want to stay in your dressing gown and that is fine. Other days you have a full face of make up on before 6am and you are filming your next music video six weeks after giving birth. Take each day as it comes and do as much as you want to / feel you can do. One thing that was true for me – putting make up on, taking photos and blogging my heart out helped me “not loose myself” in the chaos that is nappies, bottles and crying babies. This year has been the most eye opening one yet but I wouldn’t change one single day. I started this year with anxious thoughts of “what if I am so tired I will never put matching socks on again or have time to just lie in and do nothing anymore?” but you just make time for that – eventually. It’s a rough ride as you first become a mum but you get into the swing of things and before you know it, you are patting yourself on the back and wondering if you should have another……

Untitled Before I became a mum, I wore fabulous dresses – so why should now be any different? Chi Chi London have the most beautiful pieces, when they invited me to choose something – I literally could not narrow it down. Every piece is stunning and crafted with so much detail. I wore this to perform in recently but you could wear this to a wedding, a Christmas party, New Years Eve party, or even if you are a bridesmaid – their range would make perfect bridesmaids dresses! This is the “Lula” dress from Chi Chi – it is available in petite and plus sizes as well so it really is ideal for anyone. The neckline is so so pretty and dainty with its gold lace overlay and the mesh arms provide the seamless coverup if you are a little self conscious of your arms. The skirt is full and has pleats with a net underskirt that gives it a nice volume and swish when you walk (or dance in my case!) With a side zip, this is a nice fit and reminds me very much of vintage tailoring. Even though it is navy and gold, I will wear this all year round.

2016 – you have been remarkable and I will treasure you forever. Have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and here is to a most marvellous 2017!

UntitledUntitled Many thanks to Chi Chi Clothing for gifting. Visit http://www.chichiclothing.com for their full range


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