Passion: Why Taking A Break Is Good For Your Focus


They say that “man is only great when he acts on his passion” but what if you fall out of love with the very thing that gave you a purpose?

As a regular blogger for the last 5 years now I have gone from posting every day to every few months and everything in between. There have been times when I simply couldn’t put my MacBook down and others when I have written 3 words in an hour. Writer’s block, self-doubt, limited spare time amongst other reasons have meant that my passion has had a difficult ride.

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I could spend this paragraph outlining how I came through it or how it will never happen again but the truth is – I have no idea. One day I just simply stopped writing. My brain locked itself away and I no longer wanted to share anything with anyone. The ideas were still there of course, just buried beneath my emotions. More and more time just seemed to float on by. My blog and my thoughts remained empty. Instagram was the only channel I used and mainly because after 24 hours, my stories would disappear.

Back in 2014, I began blogging purely as an online diary – to document my life so that I could read back on how far I had come and what I had achieved. In early 2018, I had begun to loose my focus. The year began with an unhappy start as my day job left me looking for a change. I changed departments and began to get stuck in to a new role. During the summer of 2018, it became more and more apparent that a “high flying career path” was not the one for me. I craved creativity and my then day job did not give me the outlets that I needed. I re-trained and found a spark again.

It ignited.

After some newly gained qualifications and a career change, I can now quite happily say that I work in marketing for a fashion brand. It is the right job for me; it is where I believe that I should be. My passion is now alight again.

Whilst I would love to promise you regular blog posts and more of the same over sharing Georgia that I have always been – I won’t.

If you feel like you are close to burning out or that what you currently do is not what you would like to do, then I would say this: stop. Just stop and have a break. Learning to rest will always win over those that quit instead. Having a break refreshes you; it can make you feel alive again. It gives a new purpose to your passion and alleviates the pressure that you may have put on yourself without even realising.

Now I write content/blog​ posts / copy for a living! Of course, sometimes the creativity still dries up. But this time – it is there, it is being used and it is making a difference.



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