Pearl’s A Singer … & The Most Sparkliest Ankle Boots I Ever Did Wear!

UntitledPearl’s a singer,
She stands up, when she plays, the piano.
In a nightclub…. “

Always one to open a new post with a song – the above comes from the fabulous Elkie Brooks and just so happens to be the name of this Christmas beauty from Voodoo Vixen. As precious as a pearl, wearing this makes me feel like Christmas is literally around the corner. Are you ready? – I’ve been ready since August!

Getting prepped for the festive season is something I like to do early. Yep, I am one of those eager beavers who is all bought and wrapped up by the end of September, sorry! Being a performer, Christmas is my busiest time so if I didn’t get everything ready right as people are just about packing their bikinis away, I would blink and Christmas would be over. This year, it is my little girls first Christmas and although she will only be 9 months and perhaps a little young to understand, I wanted to go all out and celebrate. Everything is sparkly, my tree has been up since the middle of November and we are all just waiting for Santa now!


Untitled This is the most perfect Christmas dress with its “tree green” colour, the lovely sheen it has and the delicate lace sleeves. If I stood still long enough, I am pretty sure my husband would start hanging baubles on me and wrap me up in tinsel. I am always a little cautious about showing / covering my arms when it comes to a “winter” dress but the dainty sheer sleeves with their sweet polka dots really finish this off. Described as a “vintage inspired cut” – this is spot-on having sold vintage myself now for the last 3 years, the waist band is long and gives a real “nostalgic” feel to the cut and fit. Pat on the back Voodoo Vixen for creating such a beauty, this one will be worn to celebrate Christmas Eve in with a nice glass of amaretto!

Trying to “style it my way” – I have paired the “pearl” dress with THE most sparkliest ankle boots from Olive Aubrey – oh my wow these are amazing. I received these a month or so back and so far have paired them with literally everything. They are just so stunning I cannot get enough of them. When I say sparkly, that doesn’t really even do them justice – they are literally GLEAMING.

Even after shopping in them / performing in them / dancing in them / sassing in them / sleeping in them (would if that was considered appropriate) – I have even worn them day to day to “mum in them” and they are still so so so sparkly. What I love love love (can you tell I love them?) is that they are silver lurex shade but can be worn with silver / gold / or in between accessories and they perfectly match. They have a side zip and I wear with sheer pop socks but they are too high for you to see them. They have a 3 inch heel which for me is “just the right height” and a mod square toe. Every time I wear these to perform in, the amount of people that ask me where they are from is too many to count!

Olive Aubrey are a fairly new brand but after their incredible sell out success this summer across the vintage festival scene, this fabulous brand of “shoes made to love” are here to stay with all the sixties sass one can muster. A few years back I was that sky scraper heel kind of gal that almost broke her neck every time she sauntered….. but these days I just need a lower heel to help me weave the dance floor. I need something that will stay on my feet and something that I can dance about, perform like I am Tina Turner in and yet still carry like a lady Jackie O style.

Available as part of the “special buys” section of the website, these ankle boots have fast sold out but have just been re-stocked (quick they will not be around for long!) I have seen so many copies on the high street come out just in time for Christmas as well but they just don’t compare quality or sparkle wise to these ones from Olive Aubrey. Every body loves a pair of metallic boots because they go with everything but as I always say “dress like you are going somewhere better later” and go one extra – add some shimmer.

An ankle boot might not be the obvious choice to pair with a party dress but I love the sixties vibe it adds and of course with a beehive on top, you cannot go wrong. Having had about a zillion requests about my beehives / big hair – I will soon be uploading a post/tutorial on how I do mine so stay tuned. I added a thin silver Alice band with a side flower that I originally got about 8 or 9 years ago that I found in a charity shop. It doesn’t come out very often as it needs the right outfit, but at Christmas time, it is a must.

UntitledUntitledMany thanks to Voodoo Vixen & Olive Aubrey for gifting.


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