Pin-up in the Countryside!

Pin-up in the Countryside.

Spotted in the countryside: Pin-up. Well, kind of. If you are new here, you may be wondering what this is all about, However, if you are a regular reader / follower then you will remember that I love a spot of pin-up vintage style. Granted, I don’t live an authentic pin-up lifestyle or dress this way every single day. Nonetheless, I am an avid fan of all things vintage and pin-up. Day to day, I find myself buying / wearing less high street and more of a viintageish style.

But, I live near the countryside. Sheep, fields farms, country lanes and lovely dog walks in the woods are a stone’s throw from my home. Therefore, my blog and socials will always contain pin-up in the countryside!

Pin-up in the countryside

Swinging Sixties

This era has always held my attention the longest. Perhaps because at the time that I became interested in the vintage scene and community, it was fully saturated in the 40s and 50s. Helped along by a brief mention on the high street, the circle skirt and 1950s look was everywhere.

When I was “styled” for my music, it was the 1940s look that I was given to play with. However, I wasn’t quite ready for the elegance and maturity of such an era, I knew that this wasn’t quite right at that time. I wanted to have more fun, vibrancy and colour. This is how I became interested in the late 50s and mostly the 1960s eras.

The swinging sixties music is what I love and the patterns, rebellious dress sense and new adventures that come with it are a bonus.


Finding Myself

I keep saying it but that’s because it is true. Fashion has truly helped me find myself – especially the vintage scene and community. The sixties era helped me experiment and ultimately find true vintage clothes.

This stunning woolen dress dates back to the late 1960s. Beige is not always a colour I am drawn to as it is quite bland but I really the details on this dress. Mixing it up with a navy edging to the collar, pockets and cuffs – it really is elegant. Finishing the outfit is a pair of furry knee length boots with a wedge which are really comfortable.

Is it a bow?

My hair looks like it has a bow in it. However, this actually came as part of the original dress! At a guess, I would say it should go under the collar as a necktie perhaps. Because my hair was put up out of the way, I thought it would be a nice addition as a head scarf.

Not forgetting my little peach cluster brooch from Bow & Crossbones (previously gifted) which I also think makes a nice little addition to the outfit.

Pin-up in the countryside on a rainbow

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On the day that these photos were taken, I was heading to the office. My husband drops me off at the train station so I can commute to the office and he saw this horizon and told me to jump out quick!

As seen in this blog post, this dress is for sale over on my depop site. Here, you can find original vintage bits from my own collection as well as preloved vintage reproduction. Vintage is a huge passion and love for me, I am always hunting for preloved treasures! If you are ever looking for a specific vintage piece, I would love to hear from you. You may never know, I might even have it or know someone who would.

To read more about my office outfits, workwear or even just general outfits, you can click here.

Huge thank you to my husband for taking fabulous photos and for continuing to support my crazy interest in jumping out of cars for sunsets.


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