Put up the Christmas tree with me!

The Christmas tree is up!

It is December 1st. Officially time to put the Christmas tree up! This year, I decided to do something a little bit different and I am so glad that I did. My little girl is 4 in March so this year it seemed like the perfect year for us to put up the tree together.

Believe me, I have tried on previous years and failed. Last year she was 2 and a half and kept pulling the baubles off, had no interest and put all the ornaments on one branch. Needless to say, I was hoping that this year was going to be different!

The boxes came down from the attic, the furniture was moved, and the tree decorating commenced! This year, I am so pleased that I videoed it – or rather recorded a “time-lapse” for it.


Christmas and I.

Over the last ten years, I have been buying various different trees for our home. Mainly I would always try and have a real Christmas tree each year, as I love the smell of fresh pine needles. But this one year, maybe about 4 years ago now) I got a real tree from Morrison’s. After unwrapping it in our living room and leaving it to settle, I began to decorate it. The morning after I came downstairs to find a million black dots on my ceiling from teeny insects that had crawled out of it. Never again. I was so put off that I purchased an artificial Christmas tree and have been using the same one ever since.

Christmas for me has always been a holiday that I love. Just call me Mrs. Christmas. Normally, I begin ramping up the tinsel and glitz about half way through November. But this year, I have been patiently waiting until December 1st to put up my Christmas tree. Now that I have a little person who can help, I want to try and make it “our thing” as she grows up.



Baubles galore!

On our recent trip to Somerset, we popped into a Garden Centre near Sherborne Castle. They had their Christmas display in full swing so I asked my little girl to choose an ornament or bauble for our tree. She chose this lovely little glass angel, which she has named Isla! Normally, I would be a “it doesn’t match the tree colour scheme” (yes I am THAT person.) However, I love that she chose it – for whatever reason her tiny mind decided that this was the one for us.

I have always tried to “collect baubles” and create memories as the years go by. One of my favourite Christmas Tree decorations are these “tags” that my mum once doodled. She put them on present for my husband and I and I love them! They go on the tree each year.

I really hope you enjoyed our time-lapse (you can also view the entire video on my IGTV if you don’t want to watch above.) Putting up the Christmas tree was so much fun this year!


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