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Tis the set of the sail that decides the goal, and not the storm of life.      

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I have an indescribable fascination for nautical themed clothing. Perhaps it is fond memories of my Grandad (who was a sailor in the navy) that makes me want to wear anchors, helms and boats of all forms. For all you rockabilly lovers – anchors are a print that is readily available. When I laid my eyes on this Hell Bunny Anchor & Heart Striped Bag – at Rockabilly-Pinup my heart skipped a beat.


The description on the website says that the bag in stock has a grey anchor and not a white one as pictured – but I absolutely adore the grey colouring and think it much more striking. The leather Anchor & Heart motif to the front stands out perfectly, I really like the boxy “vanity case” shaped design and how sturdy it is. The back of the bag has a sassy black and white stripe pattern with a mini zipped compartment. The shoulder strap is adjustable and also detachable which is perfect if I want to carry it by the grab handle instead. Inside there is a zipped compartment and the Hell Bunny logo – there is ample room for all your goodies. This beauty of a bag also comes with it’s own branded Hell Bunny dust bag which adds a complete luxurious element and is perfect for when you need to store away.




I was also gifted the Hell Bunny Sadie Black Capri Trousers with Swallow which go perfectly. They are high waisted – which is so flattering if you have curves. A lot of my friends who have wobbly bits they want to hide often say to me that they would never wear anything as fitted as a pair of pedal pusher capris like these. But actually – the high waist fit hides all your sins (and maybe the cupcake I had at lunch) and I really like how confident I felt in these. There is a lot of stretch in the fabric meaning that I can move around in them freely and they are comfortable to wear. I would definitely say these are great for every day use and also come in handy if you do want to glam them up and go out in them as well.

The cream satin bow detail to the back of the v shaped gap at the hem is a dream and really adds to the pants. On the website – the swallow embroidered patch on the hip looks a bit small but when these arrived, the logo is large enough that it really  makes a statement and I loved the rockabilly edge that it added to my outfit.


To finish with, I paired the bag and pants with my favourite red patent Mary Jane shoes. I got these a few months back from good old Primark believe it or not! I have seen similar pairs of Mary Janes on eBay but I really love a good Christmas red and wanted to see them in real life before I bought. They are not the comfiest of shoes and spend most of their time in their protective plastic box in my shoe closet but they make an appearance every now and again. I matched my red shoes to this lacy Bardot top that I bought a few years ago from H&M.

Outfit | Hell Bunny Anchor & Heart Striped Bag c/o Rockabilly Pinup | Hell Bunny Sadie Black Capri Trousers with Swallow c/o Rockabilly Pinup | Red Patent Mary Jane Shoes – Primark | Red Lace Bardot Top – H&M | Many thanks to Rockabilly Pinup for gifting



A little bit about Rockabilly Pinup 

Rockabilly-Pinup is a fairly young brand owned by a lovely lady called Julia! Established in March 2010, she also runs online store – The Gothic Shop. After realising that many of her gothic attire suppliers and customers also loved a more rockabilly style of clothing, Julia opened “Rockabilly-Pinup” and added well known retro brands such as Colectif, Stop Staring! Miss Fortune and Hell Bunny to her online store. You can follow her at the links below.

Rockabilly-Pinup Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blogspot

Gothic Shop Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blogspot

The items in this blog post have been gifted to me to review. I will always give my 100% honest opinion and never accept products that I would not be happy to buy and choose myself. If you would like to collaborate with me, please contact me at info(at)monicavalentinevintage(dot)com. Please note, due to the high volume of requests from brands - I only collaborate, review and work with those that I feel my readers would like to view/read about on my blog.

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