Saying Goodbye To Summer | The Barnstar Dress c/o Book of Deer & Writing Lyrics // OOTD

Untitled Hello peaches. A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful St Annes with my family to recharge my batteries. Visiting the beach is still a novelty to me and each time I go to one I am reminded of how much I love the sand and sea air. I was recently gifted this lush deep emerald green “Barnstar” dress from Book of Deer.

I have been gathering memories and had my head down in lyrics for the past few weeks so my “outfit of the days” have not been as frequent. These busy times have seen me reaching for those “comfy” throw me on outfits. The Barnstar dress is all that and more.

Effortless with its comfortable sixties shape and frilled sleeves, it always makes me feel dressed up even if it is a “cozy” kinda day.

Made from a soft material similar to my other half’s most snug Rugby hooded pullover – wearing this dress is like being hugged by your pjs. For me wearing this, grabbing a coffee, my MacBook and knee-high socks is the perfect start to a productive day for writing. Although this is part of Book of Deer’s summer collection, I really think this is one of those dresses that can see you through into Autumn as well. It is currently on sale over on their site so the PERFECT opportunity to grab that bargain that will help you transition weather wise as we go into the cooler months of the year.

Untitled The colour is a real stand out shade of emerald green and the sweeter than life magpie motif on each pattern turns heads as you wear. With the shape being a complimentary A-line, you really can wear this and not worry about everything staying in place – it is so graceful.

I love the soft sixties vibe of this piece, and the simplicity of the silhouette. It also travels really well, after a few hours driving in the car, this dress looked pretty much the same as when I first put it on. I am looking forward to pairing this with some pop colour tights and flats when it gets cooler as well as wearing with knee high boots. If you have one dress in your wardrobe – you need this one. You can easily dress this up or wear casually and it just goes with so many other colours too!

St Anne’s is such a pretty place to visit, if you live close then you definitely must go and try pop along – the beach is pretty and it is not really focused on attractions/amusements (unlike Blackpool.) If you want to play volleyball on the beach, have a sandy picnic and build castles then this is perfect for you! It really did give me a lot of inspiration for lyrics, writing and progressing with my E.P project.

I paired this with my peachy jellies from Sun Jellies and a matching green headscarf. My hair was a “few days old” kind hair so up in a headscarf it went. Visit my instagram for “more ways to wear” this fabulous little number. You can purchase the Barnstar Dress by visiting Book Of Deer here.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled (trying to cooperate with the windy weather doesn’t always work!) Untitled Peach jellies – Sun Jellies | Emerald Green Barnstar Dress – Book of Deer | Headscarf – vintage

Many thanks to Book of Deer for gifting. Photographs c/o C.Williams

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