Six Ways To Wear Flowers In Your Hair


Daisy. Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you.  With the words of Nat King Cole ringing true in my ears, I am head over heels for daisies right now. Daisy the flower that is, not Nat King Cole’s sweetheart Daisy. Having worn flowers in my hair in the more traditional “pin up” fashion for quite some time now, my collection is quite large. Being a mum and leading a busy life, sometimes you just need to whack your hair up quick and pop a flower in.

Becoming a Mum.

When I first had my little girl, I didn’t have as much time as before she was born to perfect my hair and makeup. Now don’t get me wrong, I still made time. But I was an instant fan of anything that was quick and effortless. I still am. Being a working mum, I need to go from tired to tidy in 0.3 seconds if possible. Wearing my hair in beehives and half up half down styles recently has got me thinking. How can I wear flowers in my hair with a more sixties twist? Or even more of a seventies vibe if that’s your era.

With the seventies being firmly in the fashion spotlight right now, there are frills and flounces pretty much everywhere. I favour more structure. The tailored fit of the fifties and sixties is still my unwavering true love. Having a natural hourglass curvy figure, relaxed 70s boho feels just do nothing for me. All these big baggy Bardot type shirts that are around seem to drown the smallest part of me and put emphasis on the largest!


Six Different Ways To Wear Flowers In Your Hair The Sixties Way.

I created this video (originally posted on Instagram) with six different ways to wear flowers in your hair. Thank you to every one who has sent messages, viewed and commented on it! All the flowers in the video are from “Dream on Dixie” (formerly known as Rockabilly Red Bristol – you can read about our previous collaboration here) and they are divine. My favourite of the selection are the cluster of three daisies on a crocodile clip. I also love the individual sunflowers on clips and the flowers on combs.

Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a custom piece to match an outfit or a colourful statement, Dream on Dixie is the place to go. Their customer service is second to none and they really cannot do enough to help spread some colour coordination with the nation. I needed a autumn winter hairpiece for a shoot at the end of last year and Dream on Dixie worked with my ideas and colour scheme to create something spectacular! I ended up loving it so much that I wore on stage to perform and the shoot as well.

For me, sixties hair is either about volume, height or the short pixie crop.

As you may have gathered, I have hair and lots of it. So for me, I go big or go home. The larger the do, the closer to heaven. ‘Aint nobody ever died from a little too much volume’ as they say. I love sixties hair because I think it suits my face. Looking back on all the crazy sky high hairstyles of back in the day, I think mine are pretty tame. To read about how I get my height visit my previous post all about beehives here.

I shared these flower hairstyles with 14-month-old little girl, because you are never too old (or young) to have a pretty flower in your hair.

Flowers from Dream On Dixie available here

Diner bag from Vendula

Black & White Shift Dress – thrifted from Depop!

Photos – C Williams.




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