Sixties Circles, Knee High Socks & Studio Sessions // OOTD

UntitledEvening Peaches! So today I have been singing all day laying down some vocals for my gorgeous friend Sally Barker and her new album – Ghost Girl – coming soon. My favourite kind of day is always spent creating and today was a whole bucket of creative thoughts, ideas and considerations.

I was recently sent some fabulous dresses by Madcap England (read my other review here) and wore this 60s circle print dress to a recording session I did the other week. I just so happened to pass a beautiful church on route (naturally) and took these shots.

The “Ace Retro Mod Dress” is one of those “ I don’t have to think about my outfit but still feel fabulous” kinds of dresses. Made from 100% cotton, it is really easy to wash, wear and walk about in. I especially love the stand up rounded collar that is such a classic sixties shape coupled with the matching detail on the waistband. It fits really well and is tailored to nip in at the waist creating a favourite of mine – the hourglass shape. I love to flirt with the fifties and sass with the sixties and I think that it is really important to wear styles that fit your shape – sometimes with a sixties shift you can lose this.

I live for prints – with the fabulous colours in this one it is so easily paired with all sorts of shoe & bag combos. I performed in this recently and wore white pop socks and tan T bar wedges but in these shots, teamed with black over the knee socks and silver geek shoes. Now the knee socks are not everyone’s cup of tea but I think they add an instantly classic “60s” something and as a bonus – keeps your legs warm. Sometimes when I am recording vocals it really helps to get into the genre by dressing for the era and for this session, I wanted to channel mod / sassy vibes. I finished this look with some gorgeous red love heart earrings c/o Southern City Belles and a double swallow brooch c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.


Dress c/o Madcap England | Silver Shoes | Swallow Brooch c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury | Red Love Heart Earrings c/o Southern City Belles | Many thanks to C. Williams for photos.

I am performing this weekend at a charity event in my hometown to help raise funds for The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund. If you are local to the area or can get down to help support this wonderful cause – please come and say hello, I would love to meet you! Click here for all the details.

The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund was set up by Danny’s wife – singer Lizzie Jones to help raise awareness and provide equipment that could prove the difference between live and death at Rugby League clubs across the UK. Danny Jones was a Keighley Cougars and Wales international half-back who collapsed and died from an undiagnosed heart condition while playing against London Skolars last May. My other half plays rugby and in the 7 years that I have known him has had many an injury – all minor thankfully. After years of watching him play this tough and forceful sport that he loves so much, it is my absolute honor to be able to get involved in raising funds and awareness for this charity. You can donate to / read all about this great cause here.

The items in this blog post have been gifted to me to review. I will always give my 100% honest opinion and never accept products that I would not be happy to buy and choose myself. I may also earn a commission from the links that are within this post. If you would like to collaborate with me, please contact me at info(at)monicavalentinevintage(dot)com. Please note, due to the high volume of requests from brands - I only collaborate, review and work with those that I feel my readers would like to view/read about on my blog.

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