Skincare. The lockdown routine I didn’t know I needed.

Skincare. The lockdown routine I didn’t know I needed.

Skincare. Hands up – how many of you really have a routine? I asked this on my Instagram stories and I was actually really surprised by the results! It seems that quite a few of my followers really did have a skincare routine. This got me thinking…. “am I missing out?”

I have always had quite good skin, especially when younger. Although I have never really had a skincare routine, I have without fail always taken my makeup off before I go to sleep. It is one of the steps that I drilled into my brain from quite an early age really. The thoughts (and nightmares) of the day’s makeup being smushed into my pillow. Then my face rolling about in said smushedness all night. Well, that was enough. Nowadays, I use Micellar water. I take off any makeup before I sleep. Even if I only have a little bit on, even if it’s 3am and even if I am drunk!


A routine?

I have literally SO many questions. Why do you have to cleanse & tone? Is there not just one product that does it all? How do I know what kind of skin I have? The amount of brands that offer ‘miracle workers” for your skin is overwhelming. Naturally, I did what most people who don’t have a clue do first. I went and got the first gel wash I saw at the supermarket during my weekly shop. Zero idea if it works. No clue if it’s even good for my skin.

But, I wanted to test myself to see if I could stick to any sort of routine at all. 

They say that if you stick to something for two weeks then it will easily become a habit. So for the first week, I washed my face with the basic gel wash I had purchased followed by a quick dab of a 2 in 1 cleanse and tone. Now, absolutely nothing wrong with the budget buys at all. These are from Nivea and were a few quid. The gel wash made my face feel “clean” at least but I didn’t really like the accidental taste when you wash. The 2 in 1 cleanse and tone was pleasant enough. Although it did leave my skin feeling a little delicate. 

2 weeks a charm. 

After the second week had gone by I was actually doing this routine every night AND every morning too. Winner. Then I started to research a little further into what kinds of products are available. I know my skin. I know it is combination skin which I also know is a really tricky type. Dry patches are on my cheeks and then I have an oily T-zone which is prone to breakouts. 

There is no right or wrong product. You will always find good and bad reviews about most products because everybody has different skin types and genetics. Finding a skincare routine that works for you is the only thing that matters. Personally, I prefer a cleanser with a bit of a scrub like texture in it. However, this is not everybody’s cup of tea.


Temple Spa

Temple Spa is a product that I have tried on and off over the last few years. However, because I didn’t really know what to do with it, I have kept putting it off. 

Disclaimer; this post is not endorsed or sponsored by Temple Spa in any way. I have purchased these products myself without any form of reimbursement. 

At the back of my lotions and potions shelf lives some tester pots of old Temple Spa products that I absolutely should have thrown out years ago. But, I just could never bring myself to do it! They smell gorgeous and if I did ever put them on my face, my face always felt really good afterwards. Cringingly, I would put “the melt” on my face like a mask and think that I had given myself a facial. In actual fact, the “in the beginning” is just a cleanser and I had no idea what I was doing.


Heaven in a box. 

After a browse on the website and asking a million questions about it, I took the plunge. Those of you who are familiar with the brand will know that they are not cheap. So I went for a bundle deal and got a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and mask all in. 

The cleanser I use is “in the beginning” followed by the toner and then I like the “life defence 30 SPF” moisturiser too. Of course, before I write about something I prefer to use it a good deal so that I really know what I think about it. My heaven in a box arrived a few weeks ago now. Clap for me. This skincare routine has been going on for roughly 6 weeks now. I am converted. 

At some point, I will definitely write a more in depth review about the products I like to use. But for now, I am just focussing on trying to keep it up!


What is in a routine?

Each morning I cleanse, tone and put on a moisturiser. Then, occasionally I will use the Kiehls daily reviving concentrate as a serum and pat it on before my moisturiser. When I take the cleanser off, I like to use warm cotton pads because it makes me feel fancy! In the evening, I use a heavier moisturiser and eye cream than in the daytime. Sometimes I use the Midnight Recovery Oil  as a serum before bed. Simply patting it on my skin before whichever moisturiser. 

Once a week, I use a face mask. However, I now really enjoy skin care so much that I end putting a mask on 2-3 times a week! My skin has genuinely been the softest, brightest it has ever been. Occasionally I will have a hormonal breakout threat. After using the purification mask it is no longer a threat and any potential spots completely disappear. 

For a number of years I always thought skincare was so time consuming and couldn’t be bothered with it. However, I am now really enjoying looking after my skin and seeing the difference having a skincare routine can make. 

Have you tried a product and it converted you? Do you do skincare a different way? As always, any recommendations are welcome! Let me know what products you love and how you use them too, I love hearing from you.

Read my previous dabble with skincare here.



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