Somerset, here we come – a weekend away!


A trip to Somerset!

Last weekend, my family and I went to visit my sister, brother in law and niece who all live down in Somerset! A bit grey, cold and wet but otherwise it was rather brilliant.

Down in Yeovil and the surrounding area you will see mostly trees, castles and lots of historical places to visit. As a total history geek, I love it. Last year we came down and visited the village of Montacute as well as Montacute House, which was very picturesque. It is extremely easy to imagine what the original village must have looked like as the buildings are in the same or similar form as they “ would have been back in the day.”

On this visit, we adventured into Sherborne! I did a quick tripadvisor search for “things to do in and around Yeovil” and found quite a few possibilities. We decided upon Sherborne Castle.


Accidental trespassers.

In Somerset, there are so many castles, abbeys and old houses to visit. Most are seasonal but some are open all year round However, Sherborne Castle is not. Although there are signs that state the castle is closed until April 2020, we assumed from the unlocked gate that the grounds were still accessible.

As the gates were standing open, we embarked on a little walk around the vast amounts of gardens and I think it’s safe to say that it truly took our breath away. The pond is absolutely huge and the views stretch for as far as the eye can see. In the distant fields, we could see a herd of deer grazing within the Castle grounds.

There is also the “old” castle ruins housed within Sherboune’s estate, you can access this via a different route (see below map!) but unfortunately we did not roam up to them. The girls were enchanted by the view of the castle and it quickly became “Elsa’s Castle!” for them.

Somerset -Sherborne-Castle

How they lived.

Even though we were unable to enter the castle itself, it was easy to get a glimpse of how they lived all those years ago. The grounds are well maintained and I can imagine that they are beautiful when they come into bloom. When I was walking through the woodland, I couldn’t help but wonder. What would it would have been like to own and live in these lands?

Imagine getting up for your morning stroll and having this view as standard. It would surely help get you focused and ready to start the day. If you needed any time to think, this is the perfect place to take in nature and gather thoughts.

There were also a few other walkers / wanderers walking around in the grounds although nobody official when we were having a look around. There was a sign stating that they held private functions also – what a perfect venue for a party or wedding!



If you are in or around Somerset between April – October, then I would definitely recommend putting Sherbourne Castle firmly on your Bucket List to visit.



Dungarees from Collectif

Mustard cardigan from Voodoo Vixen

Coat: Original Vintage

Scarf: Burberry

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