Starting again – again.

Starting again – again.

Well, just when the going got good, here I am starting again – again. For just under the last year, I have been part of a creative & digital agency based in Leeds. A job I truly loved, over my time there I felt like I had finally found a place to belong. The beginning of this year saw me starting again with my blog, writing more than ever. I was back on track making bright, positive & creative content.

Unfortunately, 2020 had other plans and then we found ourselves in lockdown. I was still working for a little while and trying to juggle child care, mental health, and a global pandemic to name a few. Then came furlough. This allowed me more space to breath and focus on child care instead of work – but I missed work so much!

Fast forward to July and I would find myself starting again – again.


With everything going on in the world right now, it really has been a time of reflection and sorting priorities out. It makes you realise what you want because you are placed in an unimaginable situation. After receiving news that I was being made redundant (remember from a job I love! I was forced to use my brain for a change and really think about what I wanted to do.

For me, social media has always been a passion and thankfully I have been able to turn that passion into a living. Albeit for other brands / in house / agency – but I knew that I wanted to try and stay in this industry.

I just needed a bit of belief (mainly coming from myself to myself.)

Starting again again


The beauty of starting again is that you can literally start again – any time! There are no rules. After several long 15k and 10k walks with some really good friends and sound minds, I started to begin to believe in myself a little. I set up Ray of Social. After a few weeks and a busy crazy start I am now proud to say that I am officially in business working for myself in the social media & marketing industry! 

Now I know that the road ahead may not always be sunny, but I will make sure I give it a damn good chance and throw all of my passion out there. I decided to name my business partly after my little girl Phoebe Ray. Also – I love a sunny disposition, so I thought it was a nice play on “ray of sunshine” too. When I told my little one she said “hey that’s like me and my name” – so I think I have her vote also.

Starting again - again


My lovely little office also now exists and I am so pleased! Throughout furlough and the last 6 months I have been using the kitchen table and / or my bedroom to work from. Depending on whichever room was the quietest. BUT – I bit the bullet, ordered a flat pack desk and chair from Amazon and away I go! Proud to say that I measured everything, built it all myself and decorated it all just how I like it. The room is our guest bedroom but I have claimed a little corner. I love how well lit the room is, we get the sun most of the day so it is perfect for my baby succulents too! How long they will last, well, you know me.

It took a while, but as they say: “You can’t keep a good man down.”

Thank you – as always for being wonderful readers and for always showing me your support right when I needed it the most.
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