Stripes and Pink To Make You Blink – A €10 Malaga Bargain

Untitled Once a bargain hunter ALWAYS a bargain hunter right? Well, that will be why I snapped up this zebra stripes jacket then. Fashion is of huge interest to me but especially when it crosses over to other countries. When in Malaga recently, there was one particular street that I always seemed to end up walking down. It had a 10 Euro shop on it, but due to siesta timings, I kept missing it. Then eventually, I happened to walk past and I saw it. No distractions, there it was hanging on the end of the rail.

Stripes. They just stood out and grabbed my attention. It was a cute little cropped jacket for €10. The whole shop was €10 an item which worked out about £7! As soon as it was on I was sold and bought it straight away. When something just fits and makes you feel fabulous, it should live in your wardrobe.

Stripes & Pink.

With such vibrant stripes, what do you pair it with? It’s first outing had to be with pink. Stripes & Pink to make you blink. Cobalt blue or red would have been a good choice too. Naturally, stripes can make you feel like a football referee and with The World Cup in full swing, perhaps it is my own homage. I wore this to the office and originally paired it with cream heels but changed later on into my trusty jellies. This colour-way is DEVINE. When wondering what to wear with ( I scoured Pinterest for some inspiration) and all the suggestions were muted or toned down – to let the jacket do the talking. But I actually think the opposite! What I like about this combo is that the pink is ALSO in your face, so you don’t instantly think “goalie.”

Sun Jellies bring out a new collection each year and I had ummed’ and aaarhed’ about this colour-way. it is a mix between a purple and a pink. Similar to a more solid “parma violet” colour too. What I love about this pair is that it goes with all pink, purple and all blue tones in your wardrobe so it really is a versatile colour-way.

To see what I packed and how I packed it for my trip away, please click here.

Selfie Stripes Cerise Pink

Passion for Fashion

Trivial for some, but fashion is a huge passion of mine. Style, colours, patterns, vibrancy, all of it. What makes you pick something out of your wardrobe and pair it with something else than strut out the door? That very question has me wondering. Even though the high street provides carbon copies of what the catwalk puts out, how you wear it can be as individual as you.

Sometimes wearing bold outfit combos like this one raises a few eyebrows. It is the reason why I am writing this blog post. To remind you to find who you are and be that. If you like it, wear it. Even if it is a bolder that life combo like stripes & pink. Even if it makes them blink again!

With thanks to Sun Jellies for gifting. Shop jellies below!
Black jelliesClear Sun Jellies
Stripes and Pink To Make You Blink - Stripes Jacket
Sun Jellies Violet Fabulous Feet Friday


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