Leaf Prints, Winter Style: An old vintage dress with the perfect neckline

Untitled Old faithfuls. You know, those ones that live at the back of your wardrobe. You get them out every now and again and are so confused as to why you don’t wear them every single day. One of mine is this leaf print vintage dress. Originally, I bought this from eBay for a few quid and it was the leaf print that caught my eye. Jungle like, also a tad similar to Grandma’s spare room curtains, it had a wave of nostalgia.

Leaf prints in Winter.

The neckline is sweetheart and I love the seam of the drop waist. Granted, this vintage piece is no doubt a 1980s remake but at least created with the 1950s in mind. It has a slight bone to the bodice and a zip fastening to the back. Nothing too fancy. Ever a reminder to give those “old, used and pass-by (able)” another chance, another look, another shot. Something we should all do. Recently, I watched a little video clip about the Accidental Icon , her story and why she is so involved with fashion. She said something that struck a chord with me.

“Spend time really knowing who you are. Then let your clothes express that.”

Now I still have a fair bit of time to go to find out exactly who I am, but I have an idea. I don’t fit any boxes, I fluidly enjoy moving in and out of them. Flitting like a butterfly, I love the romance of the 1950s and the sass of the 1960s but sometimes I just need an ordinary high street outfit to match my mood. Occasionally, it is even leaf prints on an old vintage dress that I had forgotten about paired with a flower garland headband. Short and sweet, this post is just a general musing of mine. But did you ever wear something that you found at the back of your wardrobe? Ever put something on that fits in every place and just feel content?If today I am expressing who I am, then I am a bohemian, beehive loving, leaf printed princess with flowers in her hair….

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