Suede & Sun Jellies with Amber Rose \\ Happy Halloween!

Untitled Hello Peaches! Thanks to the wonders of Facebook where I met my beautiful buddy Amber Rose, today’s post comes as something new to the blog – a joint collaboration!

When I fell pregnant in the summer of 2015, I was searching for a mum/baby group on social media that I could join in with and basically get some advice as to how I was going to survive the future responsibilities of parenthood that were looming ahead! Unbeknown to me, Amber was also due a little one in January 2016 and had set up a fabulous network of ladies that were either pregnant or had children already. Joining such a fabulous group of ladies helped me share my pregnancy journey privately and iron out any anxieties that I may have had. With Amber having her little girl in January and myself becoming a mum in March, it seemed only natural that we should share sleepless nights, new mum worries and helpful suggestions with each other. After hours and hours of WhatsApp voice notes, chatting about mum life, and sixties love, I invited Amber to join us on the set of The Northernettes second music video as a sassy sixties extra down in Brighton! This pretty much sealed the deal and we have chatted every day since!

Untitled The perfect collaboration always comes with different strokes for different folks and although Amber and myself are very similar, we style and wear things quite differently sometimes. With Amber’s slender frame and height, she wears the sixties smock dress so well! Being only 5.3 with a large bust – I prefer to wear a more fitted pinafore. With Amber gliding across the room in a flared trouser, you will find me clumping along in my heels trying to keep up! Although we wear things differently, we like similar styles and with a combined passion for the fifties and sixties (dabbling in the forties every now and again) fashion is something we both love. The more we chat, the more we realised that we often pick the same outfits, the same fabrics and the same styles so it only made sense to come together and join forces!

Like Amber, I adore the suede collection this season from the Bright and Beautiful Co c/o Collectif! My favourite piece has to be this suede pinafore skirt with front pockets. It washes so well, I have worn this in every way imaginable this autumn and the colour is so vibrant! I have styled it here especially for a Halloween feel. With green and black stripy stockings (from the pound shop!) and a green stripy tee underneath that I found in Camden. My trademark beehive and matching vintage head scarf and Black Jellies c/o Sun Jellies are so perfect for being comfortable but still adding some spooky vibes! I adore my little Fox necklace from Lorelai – affectionately nicknames “Fonda Fox” I have worn this all week and for every Halloween outfit going. This one was custom-made in this glorious colour combination to match this outfit specially!

Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled Of course, Amber has styled her suede pieces in an “every day way” showing just how versatile they are with a polo neck underneath, knee high socks and jellies. I would style this dress with a polo neck underneath or white frill shirt and some tights / knee high boots for every daywear.


Untitled  My Halloween wish list is this gorgeous Aida Zak corduroy fitted skirt from Collectif – how stunning to pull your curves in and make you feel less like a pumpkin! This Dahlia black 1960s style tote from Sun Jellies as black goes with everything and these sparkly gold hoops from Lorelai are also on my “I wish I was richer” wishlist! Head on over to Amber’s blog to see how she styled her suede & sun jellies outfit and stay tuned for more from our blog series coming shortly!Untitled  Outfit details:

Tan Suede Dress c/o Collectif

Black Jellies c/o Sun Jellies

Foxy Necklace c/o Lorelai 

Glasses c/o Tesco Opticians 

Green & Black Knee High Socks – pound shop

Green Headscarf – vintage



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