Summer Seperates – c/o Rock n Romance

Summer Separates – c/o Rock n Romance

Ah at last! Summer! Spring cleaning is done and I have begun to clear out my wardrobe! Bring on those summer separates. You know, those basics that you always reach for and that go with so many things? Well, Rock n Romance have some delicious new pieces just ready to mix & match! 

This is a sponsored post / gifted collaboration. However as always all views are my own, I only work with brands that I would be comfortable purchasing from and / or recommending without financial gain. 

Admittedly, I don’t actually own that many vintage / repro summer separates. Dresses and jumpsuits have always been my favourite until last summer! After ordering a few skirts and blouses, I realised that I had been missing out on this genius invention! Now, I will always look for “the matching” pieces if available.

Sandy-blouse-summer separates

How to wear: 

Have you tried the Sandy cold shoulder tops from Rock n Romance yet? I have been living in mine! Did you know that the straps of the Sandy are adjustable? The fit is loose, I have on a size 10 here. But I really love that the crop is long enough to be tucked in if desired yet still short enough to sit above a high waist. The length covers you, however it can still show a flash of flesh if desired! The block colourways are perfect for mix and matching with other pieces too. 

Wearing mine with jeans, as a mum they are the ideal “go to” piece for when I am whizzing about. I love dressing in vintage and repro styles, especially day to day. However, these cold shoulder tops are perfect for wearing with my jeans and jellies as well as dressed up with a skirt.

On the wishlist!

As you know, I am an August baby and next month is my birthday month. Although my birthday is near the end, I am quite like the queen. I rather enjoy a whole birthday month – or at least a long weekend to celebrate!

On my birthday wishlist from Rock n Romance has to be the Gladys sleeveless blouses and Cora Wrap Dress! The Gladys has a tailored fit which also makes it an ideal summer separate. Pair it with their Sophia culottes for the illusion of an “all in one” or wear on their own separately too. The Cora is just a delightful little number perfect for curves! Best thing is – you can machine wash them at 30* so they are super handy for a modern busy lifestyle!


Separates pull it all together.

After always shying away from individual pieces, I am now slowly building up my collection of summer separates. When I used to work in a corporate office, my go to “pin-up” look was a wiggle skirt and some sort of shirt or top. However, now I work in a creative agency, I am having so much fun exploring all sorts of outfits. Primarily, jeans will probably always be what I pull out of my wardrobe first. However, knowing that there are some versatile tops available that I can wear with my jeans during the week AND dress up if I want to is a bonus. 

If summer separates are your staple items, please get in touch and let me know what you’re wearing. As always, I love hearing from you and being inspired by all of your outfit choices too. 

Until next time peaches!



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