Sunshine In My Steps…. Madcap England in Blackpool

adcap1You are the sunshine of my life….

I love to spend time with my little family, it is the sunshine to my soul. A week or so ago we spent some quality time in snazzy Blackpool by the sea. Time to relax and unwind is always welcome. We packed up, left home early and were on our way. We started to walk from the car park to the sea front, there are so many run down buildings there. It is such a shame to see many bed and breakfast’s like this. But, if you look hard enough – there is beauty in everything.

Imperfection in pretty pastels.

Something about bright colours makes me stop in my track and reach for my camera. My heart wants to remember that moment I am in by being able to look back on a photo. I am quite pleased that this sunny yellow house cohabits next to this baby blue one. I think they compliment each other perfectly.


If I could live in an area where the neighbours would be ok with me painting my house a pretty pastel colour, I would be up on ladders painting it right now. I would be the one sticking out on the street like a sore thumb. I would be “that one with the crazy coloured house” who is a bit quirky and mad but “alright.” Maybe I should move to Hastings where nearly every other house is a pale pink or lovely lilac.


For those of you who read my blog, you will know I am truly Mad on Madcap England Clothing and have several of their dresses (all very worn and very loved!) The Lazy Daisy Paisley dress (it’s name though, it is a songwriters rhyming dream right?!) is 97% cotton, washes great and is cool enough to wear on a hot summers day. Teamed with tights, it’s also ideal for when its chilly (up north = always) making it perfect all year round.

I am head over heels for the print. Orange and purple (apart from on a Terry’s chocolate orange) is not a combo I would have first thought of but it works so well and is really stand out. The teardrop neckline is so pretty and makes a nice finishing touch. I need to search for the perfect burnt orange polo neck to wear when it gets to autumn/winter.

 Lazy Daisy Paisley

The Lazy Daisy Paisley is unlined but just like all the others I have from Madcap England, I find them to be great quality and beautifully made. Comfy to wear and to run around in after my little girl who is now bounding about. They are everything I need. I paired this with my favourite brand of jellies – the silver clear glitter from Sun Jellies. I cannot recommend them enough. It’s literally like walking on clouds. I’ve heard the socks and sandals trend is back in fashion. Honestly I have no idea what the fuss is about because I have been wearing them this way for years! Long live socks and jellies.

Now the sea in England is not exactly crystal clear and for that reason, I find myself not wanting to go barefoot into the waves. My sun jellies are ideal for sand, sea and land. If you do not have a pair on your feet or in your life, sit down, have a long hard chat with yourself and order some!

Glitter Clear Jellies c/0 – Sun Jellies

Lazy Daisy Paisley Dress c/o Madcap England Clothing

Photos – C.Williams

Blackpool seafront – England.

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