Sunshine Sunday | Lindy Bop Audrey Dress, Love From Hetty & Dave Bumble Bee Brooch and Curls // OOTD


Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day and with the sunshine peaking out to say hello briefly –  I wanted to wear something that made me feel like summer. I dug this floral little Lindy Bop number out of the back of my wardrobe and paired it with a vintage yellow organza headscarf, tied around the waist – from my own store. I think this dress actually did originally come with a matching yellow slim waist belt but I like to mix things up a little.

If I am buying a Lindy Bop dress – I know that their “Audrey” style swing dresses really work with my shape and as they come in a variety of different patterns and fabric, they make up a staple of my day to day wardrobe. This one has a lot of stretch in it and is very comfortable to wear. I also like how versatile they are – you can dress up or down. I actually first wore this dress when I was pregnant with my little girl (scroll down for pic) and wore with a petticoat underneath.

I wanted to pair this with some comfy shoes as my entire family and I were going out for a Father’s Day meal. As I was taking my three month old daughter, I needed practical footwear so out came my peachy T bar pumps. What better way to wear a floral print than to have a little bumble bee brooch keep you company. This one from Love From Hetty And Dave I gushed about recently in my last blog post and it goes with so much in my wardrobe – it will be gracing many an outfit to come.

UntitledYesterday morning I had a photo shoot for an amazing collaboration to be featured on my blog shortly so my hair was curled and put up. I have recently been dabbling in bumper bangs / faux fringes and trying out new styles for my mop of frizz. My hair is my own and has been many colours once upon a time. I took it down for this outfit and was left with corkscrew curls. I swept my fringe in a soft roll to the side and pinned. I wear my hair like this on a day to day basis mainly because it is easy to maintain. Also with my mini persons little hands grabbing my locks – this style is super easy to re-do quickly and doesn’t need much faffing around with.



OOTD | Dress | Shoes | Brooch 

I first bought this Lindy Bop dress back last summer to wear to a friend’s wedding that I was performing at in the Lake District. I was 21 weeks pregnant when I wore it and the comfortable stretchy fit of this “Audrey” style swing dress was great for my growing bump. I paired it with a tan belt and tan cork block heels (which promptly came off after I had finished singing!) and of course a beehive up-do.



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