The Guinness Factory and an Irish Blessing!

The Guinness Factory

Guinness. The taste of Ireland. Some say it is better with black, some refuse to drink it at all and then others are addicted to the ruby nectar. Surely it needs to be first enjoyed in The Guinness Factory?

Last weekend, my family and I took a trip to Dublin to attend a family wedding. My husband’s family is from Bray so we also spent a day out there too. Bray is very picturesque and the sea front will be so pretty in the warmer months. But, back to Guinness.

The Guinness Factory is the home of all things Guinness and we went to explore it. With an entry price of €52.00 for two us, we paid and entered in to see what we would find. Immediately we saw that the building was internally shaped like a pint glass. When you stand in the middle and look up you can see all the different floors that house Guinness related activities. As you walk around, you learn the entire process from barley to head, there are exhibitions on how barrels are formed and even a section on advertising. Because I work in marketing for a living, the floor on advertisements and marketing had me hooked.


My First Pint

Well, I thought if I was ever going to try Guinness, then maybe it should be in Ireland where it is at its freshest. Verdict – not too bad. Because we had paid the entry fee, this entitled us to a free pint when we reached the sky lounge bar at the top of the building.

However, as we got to the tasting room, we were poured a baby guinness and taught how to actually drink it. Who knew this was an art form that came with instructions hey?! In the tasting room, we were informed that many people sip a pint. Because the head of the pint contains lots of nutrients, it is bitter. Therefore, the correct way to drink it is to take a big swig so that you bypass the head and can actually drink the darkness too. Safe to say, after hearing this – I pretty much necked the baby pint. Well, I have a large mouth so I wanted to take a big gulp and drink it correctly!

My first pint!

The Guinness Factory tasting rooms

A Baby Guinness

Better with black

After various escalators and stairs, we reached the very top of The Guinness Factory – also known as the sky lounge bar. Although it was a rainy foggy day and visibility wasn’t too grand, it still took my breath away. The barman poured my first proper pint and added a bit of black. Perfect. Easy, I could drink this no problem. Eventually, we find a seat near the window and are able to take in the views properly. On this day, my husband ended up drinking about 15 pints – safe to say the Guinness is fresher in Ireland!

The Guinness Factory is absolutely recommended, even the Dublin-ers that came with us enjoyed it too! If you have chance to visit, you won’t regret it.

City Hall, Dublin

An Irish Blessing

After we were fed, watered and slept, we ventured onto Bray. My husband’s family also live in Bray (as well as Dublin) so he wanted to take me to the places he had visited when he was a boy. The Bray seafront is really beautiful and the little houses there are very quaint. We went for a walk up and around the estate that his Grandad was born, lived on and grew up on. Because I have heard him talk a lot about it (and also tales from his Granded) it was really nice to be able to put places to names and stories told.

Then we went back to Dublin where we met up again with the family that had just gotten married. Personally, I would love to thank Ian & Gemma, Paddy & Dierdre, Tony & Bernie and Audrey & Phil for welcoming us and looking after us for the four days. It made me realise that the Irish truly are a blessing and I am more than lucky to be able to call them my extended family.

So, I’m Irish now.

Every morning at the hotel I had these delicious herb and onion sauteed potatoes. They were incredible. Potatoes are better in Ireland. Because of our trip to The Guinness Factory, I can now say that I have tasted Guinness. It is better in Ireland. Not forgetting our trip to “Penneys” also known as Primark over here in England. Penneys is better in Ireland. We hitched a ride on the LUAS to Auntie Bernie’s house. Even trains are better in Ireland.

Also, I pretty much feel like greeting everybody with a Hi How’ya because it just sounds better. So, I am basically Irish now.

Penneys - Dublin

We will be back!

Four days absolutely flew by and almost wasn’t enough time to take in everything. That can only mean that we must go back though right?! Bray in the Summertime is on my list but also other parts of Ireland too.

If you are looking for a place to stay, we stayed in The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin. We had a family room which was HUGE, the breakfast is incredible each morning. Room service also a delight. The only downside is that there was no gym or pool but this would only matter if you were a gym goer or liked to sauna and swim! Location wise, it is perfect and within a short walking distance of everything.

As always, I love to hear from you – if you have stayed elsewhere in Ireland and can recommend, get in touch! Read about other trips away with my family here.

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Does Guinness taste better in Dublin?


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