The Kitty Dress – A Rock n Romance Review

The Kitty Dress

Absolutely purring like a Kitty in this dress, all puns intended. The Kitty dress from Rock n Romance has landed and it is divine! If you are yet to try their shirt-waister dresses, you are missing out gal! Super flattering, they hang like a dream, I would also say that they fit true to size. This one comes in three new glorious colours – Wine, Green and Black.

When Rock n Romance popped one in the post, I knew that this would be THE perfect Christmas dress. I wasn’t wrong. When I am writing a review, I always like to try wearing the item a few different times to be able to properly give my opinion of this. Also, it needs to have had a wash too before I can write about it. Dresses from the vintage world are stunning, but they need to be able to pass a modern world test. As a busy mum to an almost four year old, my clothes have to match up to my lifestyle. Otherwise, they are likely to remain at the bottom of the wash basket. (All you mums relating right now, I see you.)

Kitty Dress - Rock and Romance

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A heavenly contrast.

Over the Christmas period in the high street, I was a little overwhelmed by how much glitter, sparkles and sequins I saw hanging on every rail. Then when I laid eyes on the simplicity of the Kitty dress, I was calm again. The heavenly contrast ric rac detail to the pockets, collar and sleeves really stand out yet in a subtle way. Soft next to your skin, the fabric has a bit of swish. One detail I particularly loved is the waist belt as it really frames the waist.

Although described as “wine” – this colour is on the red side rather than the purple side of the wine spectrum. Okay, so maybe I don’t drink much red wine – but it is a lovely hue! On Christmas Eve, I wore this for lunch out with my family. Paired with tights, as it was cold but I will definitely wear this without when the weather turns warm again. Completing the outfit is a pair of black Mary Jane heels with gold sparkle wedge from Collectif.

Rock and Romance OOTD Review

Rockin’ some Romance.

If you are an avid follower of my blog, you will know that I have a soft spot for Rock n Romance. Their pieces are always so floaty, soft and full of elegance. They make me feel romantic every time I wear them – so ladylike. If you are yet to discover this delightful brand, you can visit their website here

As a lass who has curves, I am more interested in how a garment fits me than which celebrity is wearing it. Because of this, Rock n Romance is the perfect brand for me. Their pieces are best suited to curves and are true to size. The shirt waister dresses are my favourite style because they nip me in at the waist and flare softly over the hips.

Ever so versatile, they can be worn in the summer and winter, casual or more formal. Bonus points for being able to chuck them in the wash and them surviving too. Rest assured, the Kitty dress will be making many more appearances in my wardrobe all year round.

Rock n Romance The Kitty Dress

What I wore today blogger Kitty Dress

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With huge thanks to Rock n Romance for gifting and C.Williams for photos.

This blog post contains gifted items, however all views are my own honest thoughts. I have not accepted payment to write about these items, I only promote / accept items that I would genuinely buy myself and wear.


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