The sort of once every now and again kind of blogger

Apologies if you are a right on schedule, regular as clockwork type of blogger. For those of you who “use to” read my regular blog updates and follow me on social media – it has been a while right?

If you are new here, this may not be a regular occurrence, I’m not promising anything.

This year, I have not really blogged much if at all. The most updated place to keep up to date with everything is over on Instagram. Can I be classed as a “blogger?” – what are the specifications required to be in this category. Pretty sure that it is more than one blog post a year! I will do better…. She says.

The truth is, sometimes I have too many words and not enough time to make a note of them. Other days I have too much time and not enough words to form a sentence. Instead, this year I have thrown myself into making content for my social channels (primarily Instagram) as I enjoy it.

Once a blogger, always a blogger?

I cannot even justify being called a blogger. I took a break, I started again and then took a longer break. The sabbatical that had no ending. With each Instagram post caption becoming more and more lengthy, I thought it may be a good time to return to the “blogger” label. So here I am.

In the amount of time that I have been absent from the blog, I have changed jobs again and fallen deeper in love with the career I had begun to like. Sometimes, when looking after client’s social media channels – you can forget about your own. When you are on social media all day every day, you welcome the break when you are not.


Inspire to be inspired

There are so many beautiful people that have inspired me when I have connected with them in this past year, both online and “in real life.” It only takes one minute to inspire but before you know it, there’s a mudslide! This year I have focused on building a community and using social to socialise (kind of exactly what the whole point of it was designed for!) It has been rewarding. I have seen some lovely ladies blossom and share parts of themselves that they never knew existed.

The amount of support that still comes via direct messages or comments on social has been prompting me to action. At the back of my mind, I keep thinking – if I stopped writing at all, surely, I would stop inspiring.

Stay tuned is a false prophet...

It would be wrong of me to promise consistency. To lure you into security with a new regular blog post on a certain day of the week. What I will say however is, if you look every now and again then there might possibly may be perhaps a new blog post for you to read. Something may pop up every now and again. Best to subscribe just in case.

Thank you as always for popping back and checking just in case. Xx



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