Throw On Your Gingham Girl.

UntitledGorgeous Gingham

With an upheaval and a house move around the corner, right now I am living out of a suitcase. The idea of a “capsule wardrobe” is actually my life, albeit unwillingly. Packing up your life into boxes makes the hours slip away and the weekends disappear. What I need is some gingham.

All over the shops this summer there seems to be those gingham capri’s with the cute frill hem. I first laid my eyes on them when I watched Miley Cyrus perform with Ariana Grande at the One Love concert in Manchester. Probably a bit late to the party but I would rather sit in a corner until I am ready to join in than match the decorations. The search began. After a quick snoop on Google, I found that they were from TopShop and sold out everywhere. Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo have some good replicas but not quite what I was looking for.


Pin Up Pals

Being a bit of a capri veteran, I am fussy but know what I like. Having curves, and short legs, I prefer a side zip and a nice wide waist that will fit snug on my hips and not gape on the waist. I managed to find some bargain replicas in Tesco’s of all places! Sold out in everything but sizes 18 and 20. Devastated.

After searching in store and keeping an eye online, one of my beautiful pin up pals from a Facebook mum group I am in found some, purchased them and posted them to me! Life saver. As soon as I put them on, they fit like a glove.

Everybody needs a bit of gingham in their wardrobe, it just seems to go with everything. With the 70s explosion on the high street right now, there are still lots of pieces you can pick up that fit in with the 50s/60s eras that I love so much. These gingham capri’s have a sweet little frill on the bottom but no frill on the waistband (like the TopShop ones) and I have worn them nearly threadbare as I love them so much (and also, nothing else is unpacked.)

Love the life you live

As cliche as it is to say, I love where I live. The fields, horses, country lanes and cows that are a five minute walk away. The fresh air you breathe in when you go on an early morning run. The quaint little village and the people you don’t know who wave hello anyway. Probably a good job I am only moving onto the next street then.

Anchor Bag from Rockabilly Pin-Up

Black Jellies – SunJellies

Plain White slash neck tee – Primark

Gingham capris – Tesco



 My top Gingham Girl picks…


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