Transitional vintage with Lady K Loves

Lady K Loves - transitional vintage

Transitional vintage with Lady K Loves

Although 2020 has been a bit of a write off in all senses, the weather has at least been a bit glorious! Transitional vintage is finally here as we move from summer glory to autumnal bliss! September is a funny one, because you probably wouldn’t normally expect such blazing weather. I have just dug out my boots and comfy sweaters from my wardrobe only to retreat to bare legs…

With 19ish degree heat still lingering ( disclaimer – that is warm from England if you are reading this elsewhere in the world!) my little family and I took an afternoon walk to the park last weekend. 

What to wear – Lady K Loves of course!


Transitional Vintage from Summer to Autumn


An off the shoulder top is the perfect piece of transitional vintage that you need in your wardrobe this season. Enter centre stage… Brigette. I am a huge lover of Lady K Loves as you will know, but their AW collection this year is just so unique. Prints, colourways and styles – there isn’t anything else like them across the other repro brands at the mo. Brigette is a bardot style that can be worn off the shoulder (as pictured) or even more on the shoulder if preferred. 

It has a beautiful sheen to it and the plum floral print is divine. Pictured here with the Lady K Polly Jeans  and of course my glorious cowboy boots. Brigette can be coordinated with their matching Esmerelda skirt (separate post coming soon on this beauty!) The plum floral print features across a few different pieces in the new AW collection – it really is a stunner. 

See MORE of my wardrobe here.

Transitional Vintage

From one season to another…

As someone who wears colour all year round, transitional vintage is easy for me. Simply, I just add tights and boots to most things! What I love about the Brigette top is that in the spring summer, you could wear this with a light denim or white capris. Equally when it starts to get colder, you can wear it with jeans and boots or tights and underneath a pinafore dress. Dusky pink is an easy colour to wear all year round, SO much goes with it!

Recently, with me working for myself and from my home office – my wardrobe is all over! Sometimes I think it is almost easier when you commute every day because you know that you are getting up and going out. Some days I have meetings this means smart & some heels, other days I have my old faithful oversized cardi on instead! 

Transitional vintage doesn’t need to be over thought.

Check the weather, and add layering (or take it off) accordingly! Easier for me to say I know because I am blessed with the heating on. Now that Borris is telling us to work AGAIN from our homes where we can – you can get a lot more wear out of those summer into autumn bits hanging in your wardrobe!

As always, I would love to know what you think! If you have a favourite piece of transitional vintage, get in touch and show me ya wardrobe peaches! Xoxox

Huge thank you to my insta-husband Craig for photos and for Lady K Loves for kindly gifting both jeans & top. 


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