Twirling, Yellow Flowers in My Hair & Musical Prints c/o Lady Mayra //OOTD

UntitledHello Peaches! Nothing like a good twirl in a dress to help you hang onto summer right? The only thing better than a full circle dress to dance about in is this cheery musical print from Lady Mayra – the bright yellow on a silver grey fabric is a beautiful combination.

Being an old romantic at heart, when I received this dress in the post I was instantly cast back to a time when Audrey Hepburn walked the streets.

There is plenty of movement in the ultra full skirt and when paired with a petticoat underneath – it’s a fifties dream. For me, music and fashion go hand in hand. I guess it’s like when you are in a play and you “dress for the part” – wearing vintage / vintage styles really puts me back there in a long forgotten place and brings out so many colourful ideas musically.


Recently I been spending a bit of time with some pretty inspiring people and I have been toying with the idea of writing another album of originals. Over the years I have a vast collection of songs that I have written and put away – many taken from things that have happened right in front of my eyes. I have been tempted to do things with them but always just tucked them out of sight. Writing an original song is like letting someone read your own private diary. It can be a huge insight to a person’s soul – am I ready for that?

As soon as I put this dress on, I felt just like Miss Hepburn – and with the cut of this dress being called “Audrey” it was suitably named. I adore the musical instruments print (I was also gifted this in another colour too!) as well as the true original vintage length (measuring at 26 inches from the waistband to the knee) I wore this with a cream original vintage petticoat as well as an additional cream petticoat (a cheapy I found on ebay) to give this extra vava voom. With the skirt being a fuller circle style – it can really handle multiple petticoats to make it flare out even more. One thing I would mention is that with the skirt being a full circle, if worn without a petticoat underneath, is quite susceptible to a good old “Marilyn Monroe moment.” When these shots were taken, it was a gusty day and there were more than a few less glam moments! So if you are going to wear this as an every day dress without a petticoat underneath – then test the weather out first!

I paired this dress with my old favourite silver pumps from Office – my cousin calls them my “Hugh Hefner” shoes and although they are a bit battered now, I just haven’t found a good alternative to replace them with! My hair flower is actually a yellow flower head that originally had a huge stem and was supposed to go in a vase in my lounge but I decided that it should be in my hair instead! I just secured it with a few Kirby clips and I love the colour! Many thanks to Lady Mayra for gifting.

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Yellow & Grey “Audrey” Day Dress c/o Lady Mayra | Silver Shoes – Office

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