Vintage Hair & How to Style It With Your Glasses!

Vintage Hair with glasses

Vintage Hair & How to Style It With Your Glasses!

Vintage hair – well, how I do my own “vintage inspired hair” can be a difficult thing to muster when you wear glasses. I love to wear “stand out – quirky” glasses and so sometimes I prefer my hair to be up and off my face so that my glasses get all the attention. 

As we can see I have a large amount of hair that I grew myself. It is neither curly or wavy; it’s just kind of in between. In it’s very natural state it’s kind of quite big, thick, full of volume. I know a lot of you out there probably are like G – that is great like I love your hair! 

But you always wish for what you don’t have right? Sometimes I wish mine behaved and wasn’t so fluffy! Over the years, I have also had real trouble setting my hair. I think this is because it’s so thick or maybe I  haven’t quite found the right products. Either way, I have  run out of patience. Vintage hair can really be a challenge when you are blessed with my fluffy mop!

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Vintage Hair - Poodle

Vintage Hair - Bumper Bang

The Vintage Mum Bun

My 3 go to doooos. 

There are two or three vintage hair styles that I tend to gravitate every single day that just help me maintain a less sweatier neck. 

My first style would have to be the bumper bang fringe!

A hair donut from a pound shop is the simple base of this look for me. You can pick them up quite cheaply and I have just cut mine in half. Take an even section of the front of your hair. With the half cut donut, then I start to curl it underneath. You roll it underneath itself and pin it in place with a few kirby grips at either side. To finish off, I spritz with hairspray and add a scarf or flowers depending on mood. This is a style that I wear probably about 75% of the time and I find it just really works. Personally, I feel it just balances my face out as the glasses and the bumper bang work well together. This is a great vintage hair style for my face shape!

The second style that I wear a lot is probably my version of “the vintage mum bun” which takes about less than 10 minutes in a morning! 

When the school run is looming this is the go-to style for me because it’s literally up done bish bash bosh out the way out the door dinosaur! Again – I have used a hair donut but this time a whole one! To start with,  I just scoop up my hair into a big ponytail and pop a bobble in it. Next, I get the donut, pop it through, wrap your hair around and fold it down on itself so that you get the classic donut shape. Of course, this is in addition to already having a front bumper bang too. 

My third and final go-to style is a cheat poodle!

The first step is to start with a really high ponytail on top of my head. To tame any frizz on the side, I use a pomade and hairspray. When my hair is curly & fluffy, this style is generally quite difficult! I find it works best for me when my hair is a few days old as there is less frizz!  After this, I curl the front with tongs and add a bit of hairspray. The next step is the best! I take some bobby pins and pin the curls in place as to the faux poodle shape that I prefer.

Now this is obviously a cheat way to do it so no judgement if you have a better way of styling your hair! The type of vintage poodle that I prefer is kind of like a big heap of curls piled on top of your head. I prefer to put them a little bit more onto my forehead and add flowers. That’s literally it! It’s just a ponytail full of curls placed however you like. It’s quite simple and it is my absolute go-to style when I want to feel a little bit more kind of like “poshy pin up” ….. is that a thing??

Vintage Hair with glasses

Love & Hate You…

When you wear glasses, sometimes there can be certain styles that just don’t work. One of my all time whines would have to be the ALICE BAND. They just do not fit well when you have a pair of glasses on and often make your specs move about! Don’t get me wrong. Alice bands or headbands are beautiful and a gorgeous accessory! However, depending on the pair of glasses that I have on that day, a headband just won’t work. This is why I prefer to wear a scarf when I wear my vintage hair instead. 

If you want to watch a demonstration of the above looks, you can visit my latest YouTube video on my channel below. I would love to know what you think, and of course if you have any suggestions then please fire them my way! 

Vintage hair… Don’t care…

Vintage hair doesn’t always have to be elaborate. You can style it simple or set it within an inch of its life! Find a level that you are happy with and experiment from there. There are SO many vintage hair tutorials that I have watched over the years. Some I have adapted, others I now use for my own day to day hair too. Here are some of my favourites linked below for you to check out! 

Until next time peaches xoxo

Hair Tutorials You Need To Watch


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