Vintage Picnic Baskets | How to wear everyday

how to wear a vintage picnic basket

Vintage Picnic Baskets | How to wear everyday

The perfect outfit must surely include vintage picnic baskets! If this last year has proved anything at all, it is that fresh air is sacred and freedom to go for a walk is a blessing. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with my cousin for a vintage picnic and a natter – socially distanced of course.

For many months now I have been lusting over Classic Bags in Bloom and their wonderful new range of vintage picnic baskets. They have some absolutely stunning pieces in their collection, a must for any vintage loving gal!

I wear vintage picnic baskets when actually going for a picnic, but also – whenever I visit vintage fairs. I find that they are just so spacious and easy to fit all my bargains in. Alas, due to Covid this year, unfortunately I have been unable to attend any since March. BUT – I am looking forward to hunting for treasures when it is safer to do so – hopefully before Christmas.

I do like to be by the seaside…

Paired with this classic “Sarah” basket is the glorious Lisa dress from Seamstress of Bloomsbury which I think compliments it perfectly! Although largely a summer print, the Lisa dress has some weight to it and would still carry through as the seasons begin to change. It is made from a 100% pique cotton and woven especially for Seamstress of Bloomsbury. By far – my favourite fabric and style that I have of theirs to date.

Vintage picnic baskets classic bags in bloom

Sarah Vintage Basket from Classic Bags In Bloom

Classic Bags in Bloom

Have you ever seen a vintage picnic basket as beautiful as this! I first met Classic Bags in Bloom last year and from the first moment, I knew they were special! Their range includes classic vintage inspired baskets, barrel bags, kelly bags as well as a selection of beautiful clutch styles. Each basket is unique and no two are the same – this I ADORE. You know I am all for a unique outfit and I am quite besotted with my Sarah vintage picnic basket. The soft cream and peachy hues go with everything.

I hear you – this is a summer basket right? Wrong. Even it’s neutral undertones, I will be carrying this basket well into Autumn for sure. With the English weather, who even knows what the seasons truly are anymore anyway! Thank you so much Classic Bags in Bloom for making all of my vintage picnic basket dreams come true!

Seamstress Of Bloombsbury - Lisa Dress - Seaside Print

What’s in a basket?

Whether an explorer, forager, hunter, farmer or shepherd, people have been eating outside since the beginning of time.

“The dictionaries confirm the word ‘picnic’ first surfaced in the 18th century, so we were picnicking before we had the term,” says research librarian and food historian Lynne Olver, who runs the Food Timeline website. “The original definition of the word ‘picnic’ denoted something like a potluck,” she says, “so you would have a bunch of people getting together, and each would be contributing to the feat.” She recounts that one of the earliest accounts of picnicking, comes from tales of Robin Hood. He and his Merry Men would informally dine on bread, cheese and ale under the tree.

Through the years, picnic baskets have evolved.

Woven baskets have been used to port food from the very earliest times forward. This is because they are light, sturdy, and easily adapted for specific purposes. The largest ones seem to resemble trunks, and that might be where we get the picnic hamper from. Picnic basket kits as we know today, well they have placeholders for dishes and silverware and glasses and napkins. Baskets like this actually begin to appear at the very dawn of the 20th century.

Until paper and plastic bags were invented, baskets in all sizes and shapes were a necessary item for every household. The shape of the basket often reflected the purpose that they were intended to be used for. For example, “egg” baskets were created so that the eggs placed inside were evenly distributed so the weight of the eggs on top of each other wouldn’t break the bottom ones. For many rural and poor families, basket making was a way to bring in needed extra money. However necessary, for some, farming became secondary because by making baskets they earned more. After WWII, basket making in Western countries changed over to more of a hobby.

A true basket case!

However you decide to wear and in whichever season, vintage picnic baskets are here to stay. One of my favourite presents to give at Christmas is a basket full of treats personalised to the receiver. I think that they are such an ideal gift and one I would happily receive myself too! This Christmas, why not check out Classic Bags in Bloom and give the gift of a vintage picnic basket to someone you love!

Huge thank you to Classic Bags in Bloom & Seamstress of Bloomsbury for partnering with me on this collaboration and to Victoria Arya for photos.

You can read more on my blog here. Until next time peaches!


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