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When life changes and your days are now filled with new challenges – what can you do but change with it right? Recently I have been busier than normal and as well as performing, writing music and being a mum – I am also back to work after a fabulous break on maternity. With these new changes in mind – I found myself wondering if it was time to change my wardrobe. After all, my days used to be full of running around changing nappies and singing “wind the bobbin up” and now they are spent learning new terminology, policies and procedures as well as juggling caseloads.

Being the “new girl” is daunting enough without wondering what on earth to wear right? Of course, after a good old binge on Pinterest, I realised that I don’t actually have to wear blacks, greys or in fact any other neutral colours to the office. This got me thinking (dangerous I know) but I was so inspired by “alternative” corporate looks that I decided to focus on finding/blogging about work wear options because well, that’s what my life is made up of and life is too short to wear boring work clothes right?


So kicking things off for the working week is this brighter than life “Polly” dress c/o Voodoo Vixen. Okay – I know you are thinking LIME in FEBRUARY??? But what better way to beat a drizzly Monday morning than with lemons and limes and sixties sass. Okay so productivity is always lowest on a Monday, on average – people complain for at least 12 minutes on a Monday and it is estimated that most people do not smile on a Monday until AT LEAST 11.16am (according to a top study!) As far as I am concerned, that just says it all. When you walk in wearing something as cheerful as this pretty piece, you are doing the rest of the office a favour by instantly lifting the mood.

The collar, the matching lime green belt and relaxed stretchy fit are some of my favourite things about this dress. The length is modest although still modern enough but I have paired this with brown tights (white or black would also go great) for the office because I think you can get away with it when your legs are covered – it always seems a bit more modest right? Pair with a cardigan as an option for those freezing air-conditioned offices or even a blazer if you feel you need to “smarten it up” even more. I love a fun shoe with this and went with comfy white Mary Jane “geek shoes that I snagged from Amazon for only £4 – but my dream shoe would be a burnt dusty orange loafer (I am still searching for them but I am sure they exist!)

“People do their shopping online more on Mondays than they do any other day of the week” ahem – you can purchase the “Polly” dress from Voodoo Vixen here….

“Werking It At Work” is definitely something for everyone – why compromise your own personal style if that makes you who you are? Should we not be who we really are at work? Should we conform to the norm? Absolutely not. With just a little adjustment here and there you will be work wear ready AND still feel like yourself in no time.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Polly dress from Voodoo Vixen

Brown tights – cheapies from Primark

White Mary Janes £4 from Amazon!

Photos – C. Williams

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