Werk It At Work – Wednesday Wiggles with Voodoo Vixen

Untitled  Balance – it’s a juggling act right? Where do you draw the line between working to earn money to pay bills and working on your hobbies to stay happy? Creative humans similar to myself always feel that this is the biggest struggle when it seems that you need to spend money to get money. One of the biggest adjustments I have found when becoming a mum is how to find time to fit “me” stuff in. When I had my little girl the amount of people who told me I would never do anything else in life was deafening. It destroyed my soul – temporarily. Then I created something called balance and decided that I was going to adjust and find time to still do the things that I loved. It sometimes meant getting up when it was pitch black or staying up and burning the midnight oil – but it was all worth it. I am a worker bee and love tasting the honey when it comes in.

“Balance is not something you find; it is something you create.”

After working for myself for four years and now waking up knowing I am working for someone else is sometimes a little tough to comprehend – but its all okay when I am wearing sassy clothes that I feel ready for anything in. Cliché perhaps but if you think so – then you underestimate the power of a wonderful outfit. The famous quote goes – “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” and although perhaps a little shallow – sometimes its result can be mighty. I mean in the office – women wear “power suits” so they feel empowered right?

The Aurelia dress from Voodoo Vixen is the second in my “Werk It At Work” blog series I am running to inspire you to brighten up your working wardrobe! Finding the right balance between work appropriate and too much tart is a delicate art but I think that as long as you are covered in all the right places, it is completely achievable. The harlequin print is really eye catching and paired with a simple black polo neck or blouse underneath turns this evening wiggle dress into a daytime delight. Pumps or another flat shoe are perfect if you are running about all day or going from meeting to meeting and if your bag is big enough then you can swap them for heels.

I love the neckline of the Aurelia because it is still classy when worn without a top underneath but gives the perfect pinafore affect when worn with a blouse/shirt. Makeup for the office is still something that I am experimenting with and trying to find “the right shades” without it looking like “going out” makeup. Although my love affair with bright lips is still firm, at work I am either talking or drinking tea (my job is harder than that honest!) and I just can’t seem to find a place for bright lips. Nudes, gloss or simple shades allow all the clothes to do the talking, so I’m not complaining.

Life is for living and when we seem to spend most of our life at work – our working wardrobes should definitely be full of life!

Many thanks to Voodoo Vixen – to shop the look, click the links below.

IMG_0565  Wednesday Work Wear

Shop the look – click on the links below!


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