What A Palava! // Finding Inspiration In The 1930s

Untitled Morning Peaches! Sometimes in life – you have those “moments” where two completely separate things collide to make an absolute perfect formation and you swear down that it must have been planned by the universe all along right?

As you all know – I am currently busy writing some new tracks for my E.P. I have been taking inspiration by listening to the glitz and glamour of artists from the 1930s such as The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. This one particular song I have started writing reminds me of being back in the 1930s, dancing around the room while a huge brass band plays with exuberance in the corner.

Imagine my sheer amazement when the press release for the new collection from “Palava” lands on my doorstep describing the new season as “glitz and glam from the 1930s” – Mind BLOWN.

The Universe really does have a way of embellishing my imagination.

Now “Palava” have had a rough time of late – changing their name from their original “Poppy” to then “Bryony & Co” (after their director and designer Bryony Richardson) and then having to rebrand for a third time. What a Palava! Their new name absolutely suits them and I think “good on ya” for embracing difficulties and turning them into something greater!I was privileged enough to get a glimpse of their stunning collection before it goes live on their new website TODAY! Take a look of my “top picks” of their brand new collection below……..

Diving straight in is this Lurex Knit Cardigan in navy. What grabbed my attention is the Lurex stripe that runs down the front and all edges. It is so glamorous – you just cannot go wrong with a bit of sparkle right. I have paired it with the Marilyn Skirt in Mustard – yes it has rabbits!!! Now moving into Autumn, most would assume this means greens, browns and reds but I am so in love with a navy and mustard combination this season. It is just so refreshing. If you are going to have any colour duo in your wardrobe this autumn / winter – make it a navy/mustard one. UntitledUntitled

Next up is the “statement coat” – and what better way to let your outerwear do ALL the talking then this Dress Coat in Cocktail Print. I am a cosmopolitan girl to the core so this just sums me right up. It is so fun, flirty and a little bit cheeky – absolutely guaranteed to turn heads at the office Christmas Party. The playful Peter Pan Collar adds the slightest hint of sixties sass while the front pleat detail has “got your back” if you eat too many mince pies! Untitled Sauntering back to the navy and mustard combination I mentioned earlier (simply because I just cant stop thinking about this fabulous pair) is the stunning Beatrice long sleeve dress in the delicious “forest print” – oh gosh. For me, this is the star of the show – the belle of the ball. Could you actually imagine gliding across a glitzy crystal encrusted ballroom in this dress just casually looking a million dollars….. yep. that. I just fell in love with the concept, the pattern, the cut, the detail – simply devine. I will be doing a photo shoot with this piece shortly – stay tuned for more gushing! UntitledUntitled


Finishing off my favourites is this festive little number. Wearing this, you would definitely be snazzy enough to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas Tree. Simply because I am a sucker for a cardigan, I have paired the Anna dress with this Classic Knit in Mustard. I adore the way the mustard knit sets off the mustard detail on the bow and Christmas Tree pattern on the Anna dress. Every single year I secretly promise myself that I will not give in to that classic tradition of wearing a Christmas jumper or something else with a festive print….. but every year I fail. I just cannot resist. However –with the Anna dress in Christmas red print, one can stay fashionably classy AND still join in with the merry celebrations! UntitledUntitled

Shop the brand new collection from Palava here!

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