What I am re-wearing this November

What I am re-wearing this November

Re-wearing. The trend that should just be common sense. Recently, I have seen so many captions on Instagram (as we all know I live my life on there) where the topic of “re-wearing” has been mentioned. As if to wear something more than once is now a bandwagon we are jumping on. Don’t you just wash things and re-wear them anyway?

Now as someone who has a large amount of clothes, I hold my hands up and admit that it would take me a long time to re-wear every item in my wardrobe. However, I am still highly confused as to why wearing something more than once should be a “trend.”

I used to be like “one of those” that refused to wear anything again if it had been photographed and posted on Instagram. But then I realised that it is actually kinda fun (and environmentally important) to see how many different ways you can wear something.

Whilst my wardrobe is not entirely sustainable, I always pass on things I no longer wear to good homes. I try to buy second hand and re-sell as much vintage as possible. Of course, my friends are always welcome to borrow my wardrobe too!

Living for the weekend!

Asking for a friend: “If you buy a jumper that says Weekend on it – should you only wear it on the weekend?”
There are so many slogan tees and tops out there with different days of the week across the fronts. But it always makes me wonder if you have to wait for he specific day – like some unwritten rule. Did you ever have those knickers when you were a kid with Monday – Friday on them and feel like a right rebel if you wore “Thursday’s pants” on a Tuesday? Just me then.


I found this jumper in the Matalan sale a few months ago, in the wrong size with no tag and on the floor. I think it was about £7 and I thought I could just wear it oversized. It is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe! So what if it is totally huge and my sleeves get in everything. It is bright, bold and colourful. I feel like it totally brightens up a boring outfit.
Sometimes on the weekend, if I am cleaning, catching up with jobs or doing mum duties, I just grab a pair of jeans. But a nice statement jumper helps make me feel like I still “made an effort” so to speak.



Ways to wear…

Okay so most of these are lift selfies – because what else do you do when you work on the 8th floor and you have an empty lift? Mostly, I have worn this with jeans and trainers. But I rather liked it when I paired it with a bright yellow collar or the multi coloured headscarf too!

This is far too oversized to wear another way really – although maybe with a mini skirt, tights and docs?
Apologies if you came here expecting a more “vintage outfit!” This is definitely verging on the more “ish” from my vintage-ish style. Perhaps you would even just call this “a bit quirky?” But all that matters is – it is me. I feel comfortable in it. I will be re-wearing it again and again until the weather starts to play nice again.
If you have any suggestions on how to wear it or even items that you love re-wearing then I would love to know and hear from you!

This jumper was purchased and is not a sponsored post or collaboration. Read what I wore this time last year here.


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