What Is Life Without Leopard Print?

Leopard Print Wiggle Dress - Voodoo Vixen “What is life without Leopard Print?” A phrase that I say often that evokes a varied response. For some, leopard print is trashy. Made common by the likes of Eastenders Pat Butcher or Corrie’s Liz Macdonald. Almost, it is considered as a “mutton dressed as lamb.” It is loud, in your face, daring, memorable and stand out.

Wearing animal prints is supposed to attract fierceness and emulate being at the top of the food chain. Often it is those “immoral woman” who wear it or those that want heads to turn. It is not Baby sitting in the corner that is for sure. Never known for being one to shy away from a brighter than life outfit combo, the above are some of the reasons why this print draws me in.

Georgia Harrup Leopard Print Dress Voodoo Vixen

Leopard Print Is Life. Fact.

Worn here with an equally bright mustard cardigan, shoes and sunflower. It is only natural to have second thoughts about what to wear with leopard print. I am pretty sure that there are some rules somewhere (probably) but let’s just go ahead and ignore them for a minute shall we. If you like it #justbloodywearit. The secret to a great outfit is having the confidence to wear it with your head held high.

Did you ever see a shy leopard hiding in a corner? Only to stalk its prey baby girl…..

Shop the look here:

sunflower hairlipMustard CardiganCharlie Stones

Pretty fly for a shy guy….

As you will know from this post (and most of my blog!) I live a stones throw from the beautiful countryside. Dog walkers, fields of cows, off-road mud tracks, windy bendy country roads – it is just where I live. The locals are definitely used to seeing me in all sorts of colour and prints posing by an “Instagram wall” or something similar. Sometimes when my husband takes my photos, there will be a riding school full of horses on route that just happen to stroll by. Occasionally there is even the odd donkey in the background.

If you ever go somewhere and you see someone who doesn’t seem to fit into the surroundings, give them a smile. Maybe they are just being who they really are. This is certainly how I feel when I go for a nice afternoon walk around where I live. There is little to no hope of me being able to hop on the back of a horse in this leopard print wiggle dress. BUT Voodoo Vixen got my back helping me still look fabulously me.

The Lauren leopard print dress from Voodoo Vixen is not just for the city. Service country side realness right here. It is a tailored fit with a unique cross fit straps and button fastening. Perfect in the evening with a little cropped cardigan or in the sunshine with flats. It washes great and the print is super vibrant too.

See how I styled the matching leopard print wiggle skirt by clicking here.

With thanks to Voodoo Vixen and Charlie Stones for gifting. Photos – C Williams. Location – Little Lepton!

Leopard Print In The CountrySideVoodoo Vixen Georgia Harrup Leopard Print Wiggle Pencil Dress


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